A new beginning?


It’s been five years since my last blog post and while I had intended to post often at the time circumstances simply did not allow for it. Are things going to be different now? Possibly although there is even less free time. It’s more likely that I’ll start posting on specific activity blogs but I shall try to focus more here.

What’s happened in five years? Plenty of things to write about and I suspect that they’ll slowly leak out. In the meantime feel free to take a browse down memory lane (I have and some of things I’ve written are cringe worthy).

Counter Strike Nostalgia


About a decade ago I started playing Counter Strike while in University.  I started playing in the “Cove” or whatever the UW arcade was called at that time.  I played CS, or at least started to, because I wanted to know what the buzz was all about.  The first experience was interesting.

I was able to get into the game very quickly but also developed motion sickness almost immediately.  Fighting through the sickness I managed to win a few rounds and was intrigued.  I went on to purchase an upgraded machine on which I could play CS and spent many nights becoming a proficient player.  Unfortunately I never made the jump to pro as I didn’t have the time to do so but was asked by several companies.  I don’t think it was my skill that made me an attractive add but my teamwork skills and my ability to manage a team while I was also playing.

CS isn’t simply about taking out your opponents but about working as a unit in order to protect each other as well as overpower your enemy.  If you see a unit isn’t throwing as many numbers at you as you should be seeing then it’s likely they’re flanking you and you need to counter it.  The ability to see the full picture and react meant that I survived just long enough and took out just enough people to tilt the battle in favour of the better players on my team.

Of course, those mad skillz were put to use when one of the greatest challenges of my life came along:

Whoa whoa whoa…


It’s Bieber?  I thought it was Beaver…

4chan is going to go nuts over this.

In addition


Regular visitors will notice the lack of a Movie or Media List.  That may return someday.  Things have changed substantially over the last few years and I’ll write an update post on that front soon.

You’ll also notice that the blog history now goes back to Sunday November 26th 2000 or my very first blog post…ever.  You’ll also notice that I haven’t matured much since then or through the years.  Talking about exceeding your goals!