Italy 2008 – Photos


Here are all the photos I’ve posted on Flickr:

Days 2 and 3 – On the Beach

Day 4 – San Marino

Freestyle Practice

Paganello – Sunday Night Party

Paganello – Ultimate!

Paganello – Welcome Party

Or, the full collection: Italy 2008 Collection

Trailer: You don’t mess with the Zohan


Normally I wouldn’t post a trailer that’s as slow as this one but…the disco music at the end goes way back to my childhood and I’m hooked on that alone…darn movie companies know exactly how to get my money.

Italy 2008: Day 6


Second last day of practice…let’s see what’s starting to happen.

Watch some day 6 practice.

Italy 2008: Day 5


Where’s the sun?! It’s started raining now and it’s supposed to do so over the weekend/tournament. Weren’t many willing to practice today so I did a walk around the city. Of course, the lighting was bad so nothing good to report of…but here’s a video taken of the beach and the shells.

Watch HD video of the beach and the shells.

Italy 2008: Day 4


There was a lot of shaky camera work today so I’m posting the only good clip that made it. For the rest I’m going to have to edit heavily before I post it. This clip is also in 720p30 so don’t be surprised by the big window.

San Marino Quick Look around clip (HD)

Italy 2008: Day 1 and 2


I’m posting a short clip now for each of the days. I plan on putting together a longer movie when I return with much more footage. For now though, enjoy an approximately 30 second recap of the last two days.

Watch it now!



Things get boring when you’re sitting around. Here’s some poorly shot video. In better news, I found a power source!

See shaky video of the terminal.

Waiting…no games…

Well…things are delayed…probably because of that storm out east. Let’s hope it doesn’t affect this flight. Not much exciting to post but hey, you can see video of me sitting in a terminal.

Watch exciting video of me doing nooooooooooothing!


It’s the night before I head off to Italy for a few days…yes…I know it’s a surprise but it’s going to be interesting. I’ve thought about getting a little video blagging going and this is my attempt at it below. I’ll try to have pictures and video posted as often as possible.

Click here to watch “Technical Test”.

Writing styles


I get in moods sometimes.  Moods where I'll be able to write interesting things.  Moods where what I write will mean something.  Moods where I don't feel like writing and what I write doesn't mean much and doesn't read read well.

I've made it a goal to write more and post more to my blag.  You'll experience all the moods with some good writing and quite a bit of bad writing.  Like with everything else that I've done so far:  Practice will make me better.

As for various styles; I'll see what I run into and write appropriately.  I suspect you'll a gradual transformation and who knows, maybe someday I'll write something good each day.