What to say…


Well, been busy, a little busy but yes busy is the right word for this.

A few weeks back (first weekend in November I believe) I had a movie/game night with Omar where we went over the game design of a small strategy game.  This game is not Ahhh-choo as we're delaying that until we have more funds and have a better demo.  I've talked to a couple people about the game and while it is a very simple game people seem to like the idea.  It will be a fun little game that many people recognize and are familiar with.  We hope to add some small interesting elements to it that will appeal to a wide variety of people.  More details as WP wants to release them. 

How dare you!


Everybody remembers Chris Crocker and his statements about Britney Spears, right?  If not then here's a link to the video (language warning).

Of course, what you may not know about is the response by Seth Green…here it is.