Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Many interesting things to talk about over the next bit.  I have to start getting a game done ASAP as there's a design meeting this upcoming Sunday…hmmm…really should get going on that prototype…supra!

Other side?


Yesterday I visited Fry's for the first time.  I visited the Sunnyvale location and I'm still a little bit awestruck.  Frys is an electronics superstore where they have quite a few things…although that's putting it lightly.

They have a whole section (about half the size of my local Futureshop) that's dedicated to electronics components like resistors, capacitors, soldering items…

They have a live piano performance that's piped throughout the entire store as opposed to having generic radio/top 40.  The pianist was playing popular pop songs and mixing them together flawlessly. 

They have 160 check out counters…my local Futureshop has 4.

They had an aisle full of kites…in an electronics store…

I did not see 2 out of the four walls while I was there. 



Visiting the US is always a strange experience for me.  Being Canadian we don't encounter things like announcments about terror alert levels, we don't have aggressive looking helicopters flying around overhead, we also don't have as much American media as I thought we did.

There's always a lot of concern in Canada about US media flooding through Canadian TV but that's really not the case.  While a lot of content is created in the US or is influenced by those here the networks in Canada do a great job of filtering and mixing it with native content.

I've rented a Ford Mustang here.  It seems to have a lot of rattling bits.  There are a lot of strange sounds that don't sound right.  It moves from 0 to 60 quite quickly 🙂

David Beckham is about to head onto the field in the MLS game on TV.  Busy now. 

Kenbiroli Trailer


Culture!  Chinese Zen drumming!  View trailer.

US vacation…