Harvest 2007


Got back yesterday evening from Harvest 2007 in Peterborough.  I played with Grandma's Special Recipe and we edged out the local A team (Old Skule) for first place in the finals.  Quite a bit of fun!

Our tournament record was 7-0 with two 11-1 and one 11-0 game (final was 15-9).

Ah…the nights


Kicking back watching "30 Rock" with G and Lenny…good times!



So…TIFF is now done until September next year.  Sigh…was kind of enjoying watching many good films each day.

TIFF 2007 – List so far


Jon posted his list with his ranking so it only seems fair that I do mine.

  1. "No Country for Old Men"
  2. "Lars and the Real Girl"
  3. "Juno"
  4. "Heavy Metal in Baghdad"
  6. "The Mosquito Problem and Other Stories"
  7. "Control"
  8. "Chrysalis"
  9. "Margot at the Wedding"

Yes they are ranked and they're all good movies that are worth checking out.  This list will be updated to add more movies as I see them. 


Congrats Adam Riff!


Congrats on seven years of fully successful blagging!

TIFF 2007 – Life and Death


So…just got back from Control and Heavy Metal in Baghdad.  Very interesting but also very tired now so please expect an update on this post during the day on Sunday.

Both are good films and very interesting.