Solid ad


Another one of those times when a really good ad comes along and bites you when you're least expecting it.  Watch A Glass and a Half's first ad.



Life just got a little bit better:  Ratatouille on Blu-ray as of November 6th, 2007.  This movie deserves a HD release and I'm glad to see that it is getting one.  Soo soo goooood!



I just called Jon up at 0821 PT and woke him up.  Mind you, this is the guy that goes to bed around 1 am and also mind you that this is the guy that didn't sleep for three days back at E3 2004.  Still…it wasn't nice.  My bad.

Oh what a romp!


Sometimes it's best to consider some challenges to be video games.  For the last week I've been looking through iptables and iproute2 while I put together my home firewall.  It wasn't so much the firewall that I needed but rather a firewall, NAT, SNAT/DNAT for multiple machines, and all of my data in an easy to reach place.  While there are multiple ways to do this (bridge comes to mind) it seemed like it was about time that I try to make a cheap and complex solution out of it…for the challenge!  More details later if I happen to feel like it but for those of you that know what iptables and iproute2 are you should be fairly content.

CUC 2007


The unedited photos for CUC 2007 are up!  View them here.

Oh geez…what a baby


So Akshay is calling it "quits".  Quit being a baby and post away.  Regardless of what anybody says your blag has entertaining bits.  Of course, your last post is entertaining in that it reeks of self indulgence and the same things you complain your blag of containing too much of.

The count

Geoff and I had a good conversation over dinner (while Eric H. listened in) about stall counts in Ultimate.  Given different strategies in Ultimate the highest levels have in recent memory simply involved moving the disc around very quickly and quite a bit in order to create the chance for a huck (long pass downfield).  Our primary concern was that at lower levels people hang on to the disc for quite a long period of time.  What it came down to was that it almost always takes the same number of plays to make it to the end zone (n).  When one hangs on for the disc (assuming they don't throw it away) until stall 8 before dumping the offense has been running around furiously for 8 seconds.  If instead you dump the disc at stall 3 or 4 then the offense is continuing the cuts and runs from the previous pass and they've only been running hard for 3 second tops.

So consider that it takes 10 passes to make it to the end zone regardless of how long you hang onto it.  In that case the offense can either be running for 80 seconds (for stall 8 counts) or for 30 seconds (for stall 3/4 counts).  What's the more attractive option?  Running for 80 seconds or running for 30 seconds?  Move the disc around fast and often.

"You can run for 80 seconds or you can run for 30." 

He’s a goose


Akshay continues on his path of ignorance in a bid to make his opinion seem important and educated.  I will attempt to answer his comments by addressing each component of his argument.

He argues that there is a degree of plausibility to "National Treasure:  Book of Secrets" with regards to Nicholas Cage kidnapping The President of the United States [of America].  Wait a second, he's taking this movie seriously?  Perhaps you need to get a reality check Akshay but the reason we go to movies is to be entertained.  Action movies are entertaining and tend to have simplistic plots only so that most of the audience can keep up.  "Nationial Treasure" was different in that it wasn't based off of a book that people could read along to ("The Da Vinci Code") and people were genuinely confused and intrigued by it.  I would go so far as to say that "National Treasure" was as much if not more entertaining than "The Da Vinci Code" due to it being fresher and funnier.  For goodness sakes take a look at the audeince we're dealing with:  "The Da Vinci Code" has an illustrated version…read that last part again to let it sink in.

I will now address the core idea behind Akshay's argument:  "sequels are unnecessary".  Really?  Just like the first movie is necessary?  No movie is necessary.  No sequels are necessary.  People would have been quite happy with just one "Bourne" movie.  People were quite happy with one "Star Wars" movie ("A New Hope"…why do you think it had that funky awards ceremony ending?).  Heck, "Rush Hour" didn't need "Rush Hour 2" (and it really doesn't need "Rush Hour 3"…seriously, it's terrible) but it did.  So why do all these sequels exist?  People and history aren't simple concepts that can be compacted into one 2 hour (or less) viewing period.  Both have an awful lot of interesting items and interesting people (especially) are hard to create and find in the movies.  Once you have an established character that people can recognize and identify then you can more easily tell more stories about that character.  That's why there are sequels.  I would rather there be a thousand terrible sequels lest I miss out on the few gems.  You want examples?  See below.

Jason Bourne.
Indiana Jones.
Rocky, of course there were a couple misses in there but you can't go wrong with Mr. T, Hulk Hogan, and Dolph…plus the last movie was excellent.
Star Wars.
Back to the Future.
Shrek ("The Third" was a let down but four might be much better).
Lord of the Rings.
James Bond.
Evil Dead series.
The Man With No Name series (particularly "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly").
Aliens (yes, "Aliens" is correct as "Alien" was the first one).
Toy Story.
Star Trek.
Mad Max/Road Warrior.
Kill Bill.

I think I've said enough there.  Plus, I have the feeling that he agrees with me.

Unfounded outrage


Akshay posted something interesting over at his blag.

What would possess somebody to condemn a movie and an entire industry based upon the release of a sequel.  National Treasure was a fast paced action flick that was entertaining on the whole.  The sequel seems like the same sort of adventure ride and I'd like to note that just because Cage says he's going to something the whole point of the movie is that he may or may not…da da daaaaaaaaaaaaa!

It's like reviewing Star Wars (episode 4) before it comes out and calling it terrible.  How could you Akshay?  Terrible.

Well errr…


Download 3rd party library. 



Compile error.

Fix compile error.

Read license agreement.

Remove fix.

Download patch.

Apply patch.


Compile error.

Can't fix compile error due to license agreement.

Download patch.

Apply patch.


Compile error.

Can't fix compile error due to license agreement.

Search for patch.

No patch found.


Delete 3rd party library.

Write my own library.




Such are my days and nights.