Water Cube!


With the Beijing Games (Summer Olympics 2008) approaching it's time to check in on the building progress of some of the facilities.  One facility in particular merits a closer look: the Water Cube.  Rather than explain it check out some concept art and building progress.  You can see more Beijing 2008 construction here.

Whooo HD!


Ian (yes, _that_ Ian) linked me to a fabulous page (while he was browsing AVS) that compares HD DVD/Blu-ray content to DVD.  It's a flash app that lets you scroll over the difference between the two.  For those of you that are still skeptical or especially those that don't know the different I highly recommend you check this out.

Note, some items may not load (if the bars stay at 0 for a long time) so simply hit back and try another.


I especially recommend these:
Chronicles of Riddick
Kingdom of Heaven (warning, looking at this screen difference may result in you purchasing an HDTV and HD DVD and Blu-ray player)

Please be sure to scroll around and look at the picture appropriately.  If the image does not fit on your display then it's probably because your resolution is set to less than HD resolution; if your desktop icons look this good imagine what movies would look like. 


I didn't think I would be looking forward to "Alvin and the Chipmunks" but I am…especially after this teaser-trailer:

Harold and Kumar 2


Screenings for the follow up to "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" have started and the next one is on the 26th of July (2007)…this Thursday.  Show starts at 1930 which means that one should arrive at 1800…mmm…nice.


I've just finished paying the first of my first round of bills and mortgage payments.  Interesting how the account balance dips quite quickly quite so suddenly.  I have survived though and I will persevere!

Strange times


I've had less sleep over this whole weekend than I usually get on a weeknight (and that's already tiny) and so I'm quite tired (given lots of Goaltimate on Sunday as well) but for some reason I'm not sleepy (which is odd as I don't have a sleep schedule other than sleep when you're sleepy).  All in all I thought I'd be sleepy by now but I guess it isn't so.  Oh well, I suppose reading documentation and a book will trigger it.

Basic Risk


The other day I had a Risk and Settlers of Catan party.  While both games are enjoyable the end game in Risk becomes rather tedious with two large armies battling against each other.  Some may find the repetitive rolling enjoyable but most don't.  Being that it was a party I had the laptop out so I wrote some scribbles and created a program geared towards Risk dice rolling (one battle at a time).  By some coincidence Slashdot had an article about an online service that provides true random numbers…the "Quantum Random Bit Generator Service".  Hmm…I guess I should link the two together.

So I did, you can find the very basic source (to compile with g++) here: risk_roll.cpp or the zip including the QRBG files here:  risk_roll.zip.

Some would say that I may have over-designed but the flow of the program is quite linear and easy to read.  It's also now easy to run stats with true random numbers and I'll run some when I get the time and post the results.


It's 04:18…I heard a car outside (don't ask how)…people are delivering newspapers…you see?  Somebody else is also working at this time of night!  I'm not a complete loser (like Akshay).

More dancing…


Smooth, very very smooth.

"Work It Out" by RJD2; the gentleman in the video is Bill Shannon.

Discooo Dancing!

A more complete version that might be the actual video, not sure…but it's good too.