Add that to your list…


Of movies that you must watch this Spring/Summer:  Pirates of the Great Salt Lake. (Thanks to Jon for the pointer)

Idea toying…


I used to play it a while ago and I'm toying with playing WoW on a casual basis.  I think I'll have to recruit a few others to play as well though…I'm looking at you Akshay and Greg.  I have many other friends that already play it but they're a bit more hardcore and they're way too advanced for us to join their party.  Just on the side…something to go with the FPSs, RTSs, and RPGs…as well as all the old school games.

WODS – May Day 2007!

Put some pictures up here at Flickr.

Sigh…busy busy


Well, busy weekend…just finished the May Day tournament but more importantly it's been 30 years since Star Wars (Episode 4) was released.  Such fond memories of the ensuing years.  I'm not old enough to have been at the theatre the first time around but it's comforting to know that Star Wars is still so popular so many years down the road.  Anyhow, Ain't It Cool News posted the following clip and I know ya'll are just achin' to see it.



I received (you probably received it as well) this awesome bit of spam:

Your Mortgage Refinance Quote Mon, 21 May 2007 15:26:13 -0500

Reefinance us with lower rate. pls

Alcohol and calculus dont mix. Never drink and derive.

Do you see it?


Akshay recently posted that he saw my game…does he?  Does he know what I have in store for him?  Does he know what little jab I have for him that I'll let him get several cheapshots in for?  I say jab but when it hits him he'll be sent reeling.

Format war tie?


According to this article on ./ nobody wins this round.  Everybody is overlooking the obvious:  I win.

Upgraded server


Unicorn has had some items with regards to it upgraded so it's not such a pain to access any more.  It's a hugely general update because so much was updated to stable counterparts.  I have brought some programs into the 20th century so we're finally just barely obsolete.

Upgrades are always an interesting question in the server world.  In the desktop world the traffic and attacks are limited so upgrading to the latest and greatest don't lead to problems then those programs have bugs.  Servers are different as the smallest flaw can be exploited and lead to the downfall of the system.  Reason being that the amount of traffic and the value of a high bandwidth connection is far greater than any desktop system. 

Things I will do when I move…


Month and a couple weeks to go so I've started making lists:

1)  Get fireworks.  This is very important as one cannot move and not have fireworks.
2)  Buy more memory for the computers.  I think the PCs could use an upgrade as well 🙂
3)  Buy a TV.
4)  Buy neat art for the walls, because that barren look is out.
5)  Buy furniture?  Well, we could skip this one.



Last weekend was the Toronto Ultimate Festival (in Toronto) and it was quite a fun time.  I managed to get some time to take pictures after the games, you can check them out here:

TUF 2007 – Liquid

TUF 2007 – General Pictures

TUF 2007 – Babies