Acura PSX:  AVJH 636.  Victoria Street/Highway 7 towards Guelph in front of "Flitecraft".

He’s so sick!


Earlier Akshay had indicated to me that Evan was in fact pretty crazy.  I scoffed at him, after all, I am listed under most definitions of crazy.  Turns out…he was right with regards to the crazy but not the circumstances surrounding the craziness.  The local Ultimate touring teams are having tryouts and Evan drove from Toronto (basically downtown) all the way out here (probably a two hour drive) to run drills in the rain while he has a cold.  Even the soccer team that was practicing next to us left before we did…good job Evan, you may have a footnote.



Haven't posted in a bit.  Been busy with work, WP, and Ultimate.  Good news though, Steve and Mel will soon have a babei!  Congrats mate!

In the mood for one wheel…


Amazing spinning!

Why didn’t you tell ME?!

Do you remember Dr. Tran?  We were promised more movies and apparently there were many more made.  They're all available here…not safe for work…or kids.

Oh wow!


Cheap and easy police frequency scanner:

Go to it!


[2007-04-12 14:19:34] Akshay: monty python's WEAK

I believe that physical violence is condoned when such words are spoken.

Oh my gawsh!


The Meaning of Life on HD-DVD on June 12th!  Wow!  I guess in August I'll have to do it!

Ah…natural selection…

There are days when it really goes to work:  natural selection at work.

Under pressure…


People seem to shurg when I talk about the iPhone and how the touch surface may not be all that great.  The concept is very cool but the hard surface that the phone requires is going to be tricky to use.  I don't believe that people realize how much tactile feedback they rely on every moment of the day.

Consider for a moment other hard surfaces that are buttons but don't feel like buttons:  Hard non-moving buttons on microwaves or touch sensitive screens (bowling alleys/bank machines).  Have you found yourself pressing the surface quite hard waiting for something to happen?  There's only one issue that causes you to press that hard:  no feedback.  If the system beeped upon pressing the surface then you'd have feedback but most of these systems don't beep or the beep is delayed.  Imagine using a phone like that where you were constantly hurting your fingers.

What about if you needed to dial without looking fully at the phone.  Most of us can dial our cell phone while looking at it marginally because we can feel the boundaries of buttons.

These are the little things one needs to worry about with next generation technology and while the iPhone looks great it's not going to be a great experience right out of the box.  It may take many people months to get used to the touch sensitive system.