Why no code?


So many of you know that I'm a programmer and that I write quite a bit of code (or at least I did).  So why, unlike other blogs, do I not paste code here or show you something interesting and neat?  That question has been posed to me many a time and the reason is that the code I run into these days that's interesting or neat or code that I write that's interesting and neat simply isn't short.  The code requires a deeper understanding of the system it's being implemented for and without understanding the problem the solution is useless to the viewer.  So why not tips and techniques?  Well, for the most part the internet is a large enough place that it's going to be far easier to find such items out there but I will endeavour to post some interesting tidbits from time to time.


Every time…


Every time he says "You can't handle the truth!" I smile a little.

Congrats Ryan


Ryan just had his second daughter, Kaitlynn.  She's so tiny!


As you know, WPT released Wiiminder earlier this week (video here).  Today JohnnieTV responded on YouTube…yes, I know what you're thinking:  Who's Johnnie?  A very interesting person.

Boot Dance

Eric helped me pick out some boots at Adventure Guide yesterday.



Fall?!!?  How do you expect me to wait that long?  Seriously…come on!  Resident Evil:  Extinction Trailer.

Happy President’s Day USA


Chad has been chugging away overtime on this one.  Wiiminder Forum postWiiminder itself.

If you have a Digg account then please Digg this as it'll help get the site out to more people. 



Yes, I've been posting about WP a lot recently but that's been mostly what's been keeping folks busy 'round these parts.  I reckon that towards the end of this month you'll start hearing about Snowplate.

Engine hiatus

Gotta get back to work on them engines again.  Seems like there's so many projects on the go these days.  I think I dodged a bullet on not having to work on one (goooooooood) and I think I finished off 90% of another.  That's the problem with being a programmer, people keep asking you to work on things and you keep saying yes because you see the challenge.  Unfortunately problems in these new projects get solved within a few days and it's boring after that as it's all implementation.  Of course, I echo the sentiments Jonathan Rentzsch who also stated that programmers don't like to code.

Fortunately, as projects wind down it brings us one step closer to working exclusively on games and WPT projects.  It's hard to convey the excitement and electricity knowing that projects are coming about and that soon all will be well.  Again, not very soon but we'll chug away and over time tackle all of our ideas.