Damn you Star ****


Take your pick.  Wars or Trek.  Both have drawn me back in. 



I received a piece of spam "from" Amazon indicating that I should update my credit card number or I would have my account deleted.  The email was quite interesting as it was professional looking but it was obviously a scam.  More interesting was the link (it's a phishing link, do not consider it to be the real deal):  http://www.amazon.com/gp/subs/primeclub/account/homepage.html/ref=ya_hp_sub_1/104-4436503-7329515?ie=UTF8&method=GET

You'll notice that the website it actually goes to is: http://www.cebessemans.be/.online/www.amazon.com/flex/sign-out.html/2Fhomepage=protocol=httpsaction=sign-out/exec.php?cmd=sign-in

Exploring further you run into:  http://www.cebessemans.be/.online/bilaama.tar.gz which has a file (exec.php) containing an email address:  bila_din_nou@yahoo.com to which the credit card numbers are emailed.  Fairly straightforward setup that should be easy to whip up.  What's interesting is the level the phisher has gone through in order to replicate the look and feel.  If you look at exec.php you'll notice that there is basic credit card validation (through the CCV) checking going on as well as other small checks in order to convince the user that it is actually the real deal.

I have contacted the website admin and he (Marc) should be deleting the folder shortly.

Congrats Becky!


So Becky (Evil Betty) passed her Master's Exam!  Congrats!  Onto the Doctorate!

mmmm…Hot Taco…



Tee hee hee.

The many uses of the PS3

A noted feature after the PS3 upgrade to v1.5 a the credit card reader.  It requires a hardware add-on and connects via a USB port.  Normally I don't defend the PS3 but in this case I think there's a few potential uses that are being overlooked.  A credit card can be used for quick login.  Given that the PS3 runs Linux you could now create a POS system and perhaps expand the PS3 market by perhaps 10 or 20 people!  Such record gains are sure to give Sony Entertainment Marketing a reason to celebrate and PR will tout the astronomical growth of the product.

Shrewd move Sony, I'm onto you. 

I dislike celebrity media coverage


Seriously, I DISLIKE it.  Want to know why?  It's gossip.  There's no reason why we should care.  Sure, we care if they pass away (that's proper) or if they're injured but do we need to spend billions each year on glorified gossip?  Really, how does what Paris Hilton (more on her later), Brad Pitt (a favourite actor of mine), or Tom Cruise do matter to any of us?  It doesn't, it's entertainment but it's being covered by the news networks when there are kids missing, murderers on the lose, and economic/business issues that have profound effects on the future.

Normally I stay quiet about this kind of thing but a recent media event is being out of proportion and somebody needs to help people realize that it's not a big deal.  The event is the hubbub surrounding "racial slurs" towards Shilpa Shetty.

I'd like to start by saying that prior to this event I didn't even know that there was a person by the name of Shilpa Shetty (I have not done further research other than to confirm that she's East Indian.  To be honest I'm not that big of a fan of Indian cinema as I find a lot of copycat film adapted towards entertainment although there have been a few good films recently, more on that later if I get the time).  Apparently, some of the other stars on Big Brother made fun of Shilpa and she was tensed out and then tens of thousands of people complained.  Channel 4 is now thinking of canceling the show and people are urging them to do so.

Out of this come several issues:

  1. Racial Slurs?
  2. Fight?
  3. Tens of thousands of complaints?
  4. Show being canceled?

I don't care about #1.  Slurs didn't seem all that racist and Shilpa herself has said that she doesn't care (I dislike this event even more for making me waste my time researching when I could've been doing something more productive like banging my head against a wall).

I don't care about #2 as it would just be two stars fighting.

I care about #3.  Who are these people that complained?  Do they not realize that this "reality show" is entertainment?  Do they not realize that "the show" is actually snippets that are heavily edited and then approved by a commitee before being put on the air?  This was intentionally put on the air in order to provoke and cause a flap.  It's not coincidence that this made it to air, you losers are being conned!

I care about #4.  Now that so many people have complained and the ratings are at the highest ever why should anybody cancel the show?  It's making money.  The put the "racist slurs" on TV so they would get high ratings and it seems to be a marketing ploy that has saved the day.  If anything I suspect we'll see even more inappropriate behaviour making it to the air.

I applaud the producers of the show for masterfully manipulating the public and the media.  I condem the media networks for being stupid and not analyzing the real issues.  To all the people that complained:  How about worrying about your kids more so they don't grow up to be slaves to the tube like you?



MTV2 Promo.


Turns out that a Toronto company named Ghostmilk Studios is responsible for the Guitar Hero II intro.  Quite interesting the number of things that they've worked on.

Mad real talent.


Congratulations Kevin Sawka, you have talent!


So…what happened this week?  Oh yes, it finally snowed!  Yes indeed!  The first real snowfall in a season is usually incredibly soft snow that I like to throw at people.  Yes you heard it, snowballs.  During the day, while at work, I like to go outside and throw snowballs at cars, signs, people (I know and that I don't) that walk by.  People are usually forgiving if you throw snow at them and then say "Ooops, I thought you were somebody else."  Trust me, throwing snowballs at strangers is about as fun that snowballs get…for now…try it sometime.

You'll thank me.