2006 Movie Rankings


While there were a lot of movies out this year (and I manged to watch quite a few) and the tough task of ranking them comes down to me (as elected by planet Earth through a vote conducted just seconds ago). In this post I’ll be ranking most major movies that were released in theatres. Not all movies released may make this listing, please let me know if I miss something big. Remember, these are in order of what I like and enjoyed the most.



#4…mmmhmmm…that's right…

What a night!

Will fill you in during the day. Needless to say but gaming with Kevin and Omar is a lot of fun. (We missed you Edd!)

Hey Denver


Been hearing a lot about how you guys don’t know how to walk on ice. Listen up, you don’t walk on ice you slide on it. You can’t expect the world to change or conform to you just because you want to walk or run in a particular way. You need to take shorter steps, slow down a bit, bend your knees a bit and slide. My advice is to take your kids to an ice rink and just have them run around a bit so they’ll adjust for the future.

Although with global warming it’s likely they’ll never have to face snow again.

Meh, that’ll do

China hit by Internet Blackout

Not one of the major news stories but one that’s substantially important was the Internet blackout that hit most of China and HK. Read up if you’re interested, no time to chat about it at this time.

AS 3?

Wow, Actionscript 3.0 (Flex 2.0) is substantially different from Actionscript 2.0. I like AS 3 as it’s more structured and ordered like the languages I usually deal with. Of course all this structure means porting over several thousand lines of old code ends up creating a delicious weekend of rewriting hundreds of lines of code in order to take advantage of new features.

Well, hopefully this project will see the light of day as it’s a good one. Actually, this project is already live on one site that I work on and I’ll be lending a version of this one to a friend shortly for use on his website so…production!

I do declare


That henceforth Cary shall be known as Pnky.

World Juniors

2 – 0!!! (vs Sweden)

Full Story here but it was an excellent tense game. Carey Price (the goalie) was a solid rock in this game and quite impressive, keep an eye out for him.

I’ve said it before…

…and I’ll say it again: “Hiring Mercenaries is always a good idea.”