Games…so many games


Everywhere I look around me (physically) I see games, multitudes of games. I wish I’ll have the time to finish them all…actually…they’re 100% complete…hmmm…I need more games.



I went with the DVI monitor but I’m still being tempted by the phone…it seems Akshay will win after all by making me get both.

Overpowering stench


I know I probably shouldn’t say this but I dislike the smell of “curry”. Earlier this week I transported lunch from a nice Indian restaurant to work. During the transport a bit spilt out into the trunk of my car. I know what your’e thinking: “But that’s delicious!!!!”
Well, screw you! Try having to drive around with this overpowering smell all around you causing you to get hungrier and hungrier. Not only that I now smell like one of those guys who eats curry at home everyday causing his clothes to smell like curry. How would you like that? That’s what I thought, not much.
Seriously, it’s delicious but I don’t drown myself just because I like water do I?

I gotta find time to clean the car.



Do I get a new DVI monitor or the Nokia E70!

Monitor because my 19″ CRT is going bonkers (so at least the same size or larger, good for gaming and excellent colour reproduction required).
The phone is needed for business and I selected the E70 for the keyboard, WI-FI, Bluetooth, Mini-SD, and a host of new features including Skype connectivity coming soon.

Let me know, thanks.

Oh, please don’t say “Get Both” because I will…sigh.

PS3 HDMI Cable


May I have your attention? So it turns out that Sony will not be shipping an HDMI cable with the PS3. Ok…so what? Why would I want Sony to include an overpriced, bad quality, and short HDMI cable when I’m simply going to buy a better one?
I’d prefer it if anything that wasn’t proprietary wasn’t shipped with a device and I could save money by the manufacturer not having to pay for shipping.
So all you little kiddies out there complaining about this little item, why not just pick on the price and lack of promised features?




Has it really been that long? It seems it has. Knocked two projects off of the list. Another one gets knocked off this weekend as well as a ton of prep and planning for another.
My entire life is just a series of looking at project after project. It’s exciting! In other news, NOTHING!