I was looking through my major project list and currently there’s 9 projects I’d like to tackle before the end of the year (start and/or finish in some way).
Of those 9 I have finished 1, 4 are partially complete and I have yet to start 4 of the others. Guess I better get cracking.

Even so, I keep feeling like I’m forgetting a project.



Finally done the code, time to enjoy the weekend!


sweet DS


From my DS browser!

Sweet like the Wii!

Long dev nights


Well, the game will finally be out of my hands (hopefully) as of tomorrow night. It’s not a game you know of (people who think they know) and it’s not anything I can talk about…but…it’s a major step forward towards getting our names on a game for ourselves rather than being “under” “cover”.

So I hope that those at WP can “indulge” me while I release “some” stress.

(quoted words do not generate a hidden meaning, do not go looking for one, spend your time doing more constructive things like helping out in the community or playing video games…play video games…)

eBay Challenge


I will pay $50 to the first person who agrees to the following and follows through with it.

Has a child and then has an eBay auction where the winner of the auction gets to name the child. The name shall be the first name and middle name but not the last name (that will be up to the parent(s)). Child must keep the name they are given for at least one year. Parent(s) keep the monies from the auction. This must be an official name change and on the birth certificate. A copy of the certificate must be sent to me and the winner of the auction (if there are costs associated with this I will cover them (within reason)). Auction may occur prior to birth of the child if locality/district requires naming shortly after birth.

Payment will be upon completion of the challenge. You know where to reach me if you want to take this challenge on (here, well not directly to this message but contact me at an email address at this

Pam and Tyler Wedding Pictures!


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