E3: Half Pipe


There was a big half pipe of Tony Hawk’s new game. While Tony was only there the first day some superstars in the skateboarding and BMX world were there everyday.


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and there it is…


non-stop round the clock, now just tweaks and that be it…sigh…



+16178481172, thanks to Kyle for the pointer and request to record.



Well, summer is here again and a year later not much has changed. I’m as busy as ever but this year I have a better plan.

I have a few projects I’m going to work on and finish. I’m just finishing up a couple games right now (programming not playing) and I suspect that I’ll be done with them by July 1st. So to follow up from them I have 3 primary projects.

1) MMC
2) Website for a side project.
3) Ahhh-choo.

Yes, you heard right. I will be trying to get the Chorx to you this summer if I get the time to work on that project. I did some work on it on the plane back in May but other projects have taken priority. I believe though that the ideas that I have are very solid and we’ll have an addictive little game on our hands when I get the time to work on it.

The issue really isn’t whether or not I want to work on it. I want to work on it and I work on it every chance I get but projects that make money and pay the bills take precedence. Eventually though everybody has to do what they want and I want to make Ahhh-choo…soon.

It may or may not appear overnight as I tend to refine processes quite a bit. Lately though process refinement appears to have dissipated and I’m pretty much coding all the time in an efficient manner. I’m also not writing as many tools as I used to and all the grunt work has paid off.

So yeah, that’s the update.

More football please


Ok, so the Stanley Cup has been won (dang), the US Open is done (phew), so can we get some more football (soccer) on TV? Ok fine…one more? NBA? Fine, just one.

Thank you.

France vs Korea Republic

The Korea Republic game yesterday was one of the most exciting and electrifying games I’ve ever watched. There was such energy in the crowd and watching it with a surround sound system is amazing. If you can find a rerun of it then I suggest you watch it.



Just got smoked by Akshay at Xbox 360 table tennis. This means I must play more.

World Cup 2006: Yeah…


Well, I have been severely preoccupied with it. Not been getting any sleep and just watching the matches over and over.

So here’s my thoughts:
1) Sloppy. I realize that even though it’s the worlds there are lots of different skill levels. Even so I’ve seen a lot of sloppy play by all teams. Consider the low scoring matches between super star countries vs newbies. For instance, Portugal vs Angola should’ve been a high scoring affair but there was far too much sloppy play that lead to play breaking down in the final third for both teams.
Mexico vs Iran is another example where every goal save one could be attributed to sloppy play by the defense. All games so far should’ve been substantially higher scoring (other than Germany and the Mexico affairs). Even with that said the Germany game was surprisingly high scoring for Costa Rica and there are some serious holes in Germany’s defense. Those issues need to be solved if Germany wants a chance at the Cup otherwise I believe they’ll be eliminated in the first game of round 2.

2) It’s too early. It’s far too early in the first round to start making predictions but Poland is looking very shaky. I had picked Poland along with Germany to go through Group A but Ecuador surprised everybody with their 2-0 victory over Poland. It seems very likely that Poland will be eliminated as they are surely facing a loss against Germany and may have to rely on a convincing win over Costa Rica followed by a win or a tie with Germany to squeak by.
Normally Paraguay is a pretty powerful team but this year I expected England to win convincingly but yet again a poor performance by a top ranking team leads me to speculate that England may too be eliminated early in the second round.
I hope that all the top teams do well in their upcoming games as those teams usually are the ones with style.

3) Game picks.
Italy [flag]ITA[/flag] vs Ghana [flag]GHA[/flag]
Exciting game with Italy winning.

USA [flag]USA[/flag] vs Czech Republic [flag]CZE[/flag]
Czech Republic although the USA style is certainly more attractive.

Australia [flag]AUS[/flag] vs Japan [flag]JPN[/flag]
Japan hands down with the Aussies taking penalties early on.

I stand by those predictions!

In case you didn’t know Italy is always my favorite with Holland a close second (although my favorite players are starting to retire). Like everybody else I’m predicting that Brazil will win it all.

Movies: Why so far away?


Spy Game and Equilibrium…so far away but so close…why do you hurt me so?

I think I called it…

I can predict everything!!! (everything means everything!)


I know the future but I don’t want to ruin it for the rest of ya’ll 😉