The trip


As you all know, E3 is coming up soon and so I shall make my yearly travel to it.

This year shall be a little different. On the 2nd I head to Chicago to visit the Three J (JJJ).
The 3rd is a visit to Indiana and a visit to Motorola folks.
The 4th is going around town with either one or two of the Js (1,2) and then Miami vs Chicago playoffs game with J(1).
The 5th midnight is MI3 with the Three J. Later on in the day J(3), a friend, and I start on our cross country trip to LA.
The 6th, 7th, and 8th are spent driving to Arizona.
On the 9th we reach LA. At night on the 9th I pickup Forest from LAX.
On the 10th, 11th, and 12th we’re at E3.
On those same three days Forest and I shall go on many adventures. I’ll see if the Lakers makre round 2 and if there’s some games on while we’re there I’ll try to catch one of them.
On the 12th J (2) arrives in LA.
The 13th at noon I head for the airport and return here.

So…that’s what I’m doin’!



Don’t care if it is Edmonton, I’m still cheering for them.



A common bacterial infection of the nervous system.

Guess I need a Tetanus shot tomorrow!

San Francisco 2005

San Francisco December 2005 oo7tushar’s San Francisco December 2005 photoset

Adding new pictures to this. Mostly nature, buildings, and so forth.

Chicago 2003 pictures


Chicago 2003 oo7tushar’s Chicago 2003 photoset



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$50 for 13 (and surviving)

Awww KD…


Don’t know if anybody remembers Kristian Dixon but here’s a message I got this morning from him:

[2006-04-19 07:31:24] Kristian- Nederland bound.: so there’s a huge party on Friday… architecture students… I figured you could jump in the batplane and join us
[2006-04-19 07:31:41] Kristian- Nederland bound.: hot girls
[2006-04-19 07:31:49] Kristian- Nederland bound.: many hot blonde tall girls

He’s at grad school in Holland right now.

party? Party!

Just finished up a party with some folks from work. Watched Robot Chicken, played lots of games (primarily 360 since we’re still testing out the system). After playing tons of games on the 360 I’ve finally found one that I like. It’s called Tomb Raider. Actually, there’s two that I like a lot: Tomb Raider and Top Spin 2 (tennis).

So those are my current picks.

Does anybody hear that?


Hmm…doesn’t it sound like that it’s combining 6 channel and then splitting it to 2? Yes? I thought so. Maybe if I press this button IT’LL STOP MESSING WITH MY AUDIO!!

That’s better, 6 channels of pure deliciousness.

Top 10 bestest music videos ever…


Well, one of them at least.

Watch it