Busy continues


Here I am at 4:14 am ready to sleep and finally smiling because my current surround speakers are 4 ohms and the receiver I bought works with 4 ohm (or 8 ohm) speakers and this is the only time I get to check up on such things. Not only that but I’m reading these specs from a French manual but that doesn’t really matter because the important knowledge is in numbers with SI symbols…so yeah…busy.

New 1500m Long Track World Record!!!


Shani Davis in Men’s 1500m Long Track
1:42.68 at the Calgary Oval



Unicorn is now up and operating in Southern Ontario.

It’s been one week


Since I posted about the cell phone, been really busy, moving forward…wheeeee!

Cellphone down


My cell phone was lost in the rain today so I won’t have it back until Saturday afternoon. So calls and messages won’t get through for a couple days.

Episode 2: Akshay quits


[2006-03-07 04:03:14] Akshay: sigh, I can’t do it
[2006-03-07 04:03:15] Akshay: nite
[2006-03-07 04:03:20] oo7 (f) – Remember kids, don’t buy drugs.: Night.
[2006-03-07 04:03:23] oo7 (f) – Remember kids, don’t buy drugs.: <-- WINNER!

Is it just me?


Or has coal power killed more people in the last 30 years than nuclear power?