“Nachoooooooooo Nachooooo Maaaaaaaaaaaan! I want to be, a Nacho Maaaan!”



Hmm…24-17 Steelers.

More predictions:
Come from behind victory.
There will at some point in time be a moose.
Candy shall drop from the skys from a Zeppelin filled with H2.
A football shall be thrown and caught.
A football shall be kicked, caught, fumbled, kicked, picked up, and dressed up in doll clothes.
There shall be a fancy dress party.
People will realize that the water has something funny in it…too late.
There will be a half time show where a girl will get kicked in the groin, and then she’ll sing about it.
Eleven people will eat eleven burgers in eleven minutes…and then realize that they tasted funny…too late.
I will be funny for about 30 seconds but since I’ll be coding I’ll shurg and continue with the code.

4.5 hours later


I have just completed my second annual watching of Dune the Director’s cut. Four and a half hours…no skipping. We’ll see if I’m still up for it next year.



I remember when it first started…when people were barely listening and it wasn’t popular. Know how long it took me to get hooked? Three seconds…that’s a good idea I tells yah.
So now that’s it’s popular (yet again, ahead of the curve) if you haven’t caught on, do so now. Especially if you have a nice fat hard drive.

I’ve got mine…do you?

Do you?

hmmm…Practical Joke


I’d like the major TV manufacturers to make 3d projection technologies but not tell anybody. Then I’d like them to start introducing it into televisions until tons of people have them without knowing.
Then one night all the broadcasters would start broadcasting in 3d and every single transition sequence would be where a character would break the 4th wall, literally.

Nintendo: DS Lite

DS Lite press release

I guess all those people who doubted me now know that “I TOLD YAH SO!”

In any case, the press release basically says that they had a very good year and there’s some improved colour and that it’ll sell for 16,800 Yen (~165 CND or 144 USD).

March 2nd in Japan.

So here we are again


It’s past 2 am yet again. I think I last slept on the weekend. Still chugging away but it’s probably a good idea to get sleep. It’s also probably a good idea to start getting more sleep.



Food hernia.



If you’re Canadian, vote today otherwise you discount yourself from future political conversation.