The challenge!


I need to buy a set of DVDs in a store that causes the clerk to ask if I actually mean to buy this set of DVDs.

I’m thinking the R. Kelly DVD and a classic set of movies. I think it’ll be really hard as these folks are used to the buying.

The decision has been made


It will be rewritten in C++, the project will take a tiny bit longer to alpha as I’m going to move forward with doing it all in a real, fast, and solid language.

Even more impressive


It’s comforting to know that the know it alls at Best Buy/Futureshop are on the ball.



Gone gold? It appears that it may have.

Oh for the day…


Where every home had a crowbar.

Merry Christmas




Well, earlier today I decided to upgrade my ATI MMC. Fortunately for me it decided to take away my television privileges.
So I needed a good WDM capture (with internal audio capture) software and I went through several (InterVideo WinDVR, DScaler, iuVCR) before I found K!TV.

Excellent software, very good picture and good audio sync. A little slow on the channel search but no complaints so far.



Ok, week is almost “done” which just means more work to do since it’s a two day week coming up but there needs to be 5 days of work done in it.


Moi Day!


Yesterday was cool. Woke up at around 0800 PST, got ready, had breakfast and then took Sean (a co-op at work) up to Persidio National Park and Lincoln Park. It’s an awesome place with lots of dangerous paths that get you amazing views.
I was just sorting out my current pictures and you’ll get a peek soon. There’s a couple pictures I took that are really amazing and ya’ll will enjoy immensely.
Anyways, after the park we went to work at around 1300 PST. We left at 1400 and went to eat a most low roller place by the hotel. Apres that we engaged in a brutal game of mini golf where I managed to putt a 14 on the 18th hole. Sean also managed to go for a little wade in the fountain.
Overall it was a ton of fun. At 1800 we headed to the office Christmas party which was insane!! Everybody at the company was there and it was exciting and lots of fun.
My flight was at 0700 on Sunday so I decided that instead of sleeping for 4 hours and then driving I’d just drive right out to the airport.
I returned the car and got there at 0200. So I had nothing to do till 0520 and I wandered around. So that’s where it’s at, I stayed up the whole time.
One particular bit of luck was that there were some empty spots on the plane and I lucked out by getting to sit on the aisle instead of the middle seat of 3 because the person who was supposed to be on the aisle didn’t show up. That made it all the more possible to stretch out my long dancers legs.
So I should head to bed soon as there’s a big day of work ahead.

Kenny vs Spenny


Who is the Better Reporter!!!

Interestingly played out, not their best but substantially interesting. Spenny tried really hard.