So short


Compiling a new kernel…I remember this one time a few years back when I compiled a kernel over the period of several days on a 486…good times.
Now it happens in a few hours…sigh.

mp3 playing cell phone?

They are marketing these cell phones that play mp3s towards people who walk around (cause in your car you don’t use headphones).
Thing is that the phones are really expensive so people who walk normally can’t afford such phones. People who can afford them, drive.



So there’s an election on in January, yippee…in other news, I’m funny.


Last night Eric and Danielle had a pickled beet eating contest. It was filmed. It will be on the DVD. There was much enjoyment on all parts.

Kudos to Eric and Danielle on really kicking ass (although the beets will soon be kicking their ass).

More on the DVD later.

Now you know!

I’ve started using the phrase “more on” more in my speech just so I can discreetly call somebody a moron.

Knowledge is power!

Next Kenny vs Spenny

Who can kiss more girls!!!!

Read it!



So Kyle, Karin, Eric, Eric, Alyssa, Mavis, and Britt were over to watch Family Guy and Kenny vs Spenny.

Due to scheduling conflicts (for which FOX will pay dearly) we didn’t get to watch all of Kenny vs Spenny (aka Lenny vs Spenny according to Eric). I had however talked up the whole episode and how it was one of Kenny’s favorites and so forth.

Let me tell you, the practical joke that Kenny pulled is by far one of the best in recent memory. I am inspired to grow up to be a Kenny…now if only I could make mediocre quality movies and get shot down by the Hollywood bigwigs (and little wigs…although that’s probably Spenny’s fault).

Once again, I was on Kenny’s side and had to face the wrath of pity exuding from the other watches for Spenny.

Anyways, let’s look forward to next week!

Am I a convert?


So the last few days have been spent with the 360 playing online and so forth. Online play is fun and interesting but the gameplay is not unique. The graphics are sharp but there’s nothing new. I’m gonna stick with Nintendo for the long run folks, “there’ll be no conversions today.”



Well, now that I got a bit of time to play around with it here are my thoughts.

Microsoft got their stuff together in putting together the 360. Of course, when something is this expensive they can afford to make it nicer. That’s my main problem with the 360, expense. It’s far too expensive for a console, however, it is slightly underpriced for being a PC.

Make no mistake, the 360 is more a PC and less a console. In that way Microsoft has done very well by providing the beginnings of a very enjoyable online experience. Of my time on the 360 much has been spent exploring the market place and its offerings. Many of the trailers offered on live have been downloaded but more importantly the arcade games have offered the greatest attraction. The arcade games are unique and awesomely fun (Geometry Wars!).

Of course, let’s get to the actual games. Yes, the games are tons of fun in HD but the graphics aren’t yet at the level I expect from this console. In particular the trees need a lot of work as they just look far too out of place. There are times on load screens where things freeze for a second or two (Ridge Racer) and PGR3 has frozen on me a couple times during load screens. It’s to be expected and seems to be a programming issue rather than a heat issue.

Enjoyable? Yes. Worth the price for most people? No. Worth the price for hardcore gamers? Yes.

I also like the Windows Media Connect feature which allows me to play audio and view pictures from my PCs around the house.

Need time…


to play with 360…must code first…