Server (unicorn) purchased


New web server has been purchased and should be here in the next couple of weeks. Following the purchase the server will be setup and moved into colocation in Toronto.
Following colocation I will move all initial web services to the new machine (unicorn).
One by one websites shall be moved until they all reside on unicorn. Dragon shall then also be moved to Toronto after an upgrade visit home for a new set of hard drives and possibly a processor upgrade.
I guess I can sleep now…well, let me finish off this can of coke (3/4ths left in there).


Am I the only person who can drink a full can of coke and then go to bed without being affected by the caffine?

Ultimate: New throw


Last night I spent a significant amount of time working out the physics of a new throw that I’m working on. The uses I’ve found for it are very limited right now but something in my mind tells me that there’s a use for it as a very common throw.
There’s a number of ways the disc can be made to fly in the pattern that I envision but like a ball once you apply the initial force upon it it’s it will not change the way it flies.
For that reason the initial vectors that are added need to be particularly forceful and precise. I will talk more about it later, I have to go and try to actually throw it as aforementioned, tonight.

Movie night…!!

Kyle, Karin, Eric, and myself just finished up movie night here. The movies we watched (back to back) were: Unleashed, Pitch Black, and The Chronicles of Riddick.
Pretty neat, init?
Just gearing up for December…for crazy times!

Hey…hey…guess what time it is?


Yeah, it’s past 4 am and guess what I’m doing? Coding. I had a really good idea related to Javascript and I was brainstorming and I’m ready to implement. I had most of the project figured out already as I was planning on doing it in C/C++ with a Java front end but the application isn’t real time so…might as well go forth.
I suspect that I will end up using C/C++ for the HTML/JS generation in the end as I tend to be fairly geeky like that.

Of course, that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is that it’s past 4 am and I’m still up working on this stuff. Why? Who knows…money? Nope…power? Yes…that’s the one…POWAAAAAA!

Bad choice


So I thought I’d give McDonalds another try for lunch and it seems like it’s a bad idea. It’s making me lethargic and nauseas.
I guess I had a hypothesis that it would and testing has proved that hypothesis. Winner!!!

You know what’s fun?

Watching late night heart sugery just prior to going to bed. I am gonna be a surgeon tonight!!! Happy dreamin’ all.


I got tired of not being able to link directly to an article of mine and since I’m working on yet another overhaul of the site…I just commented out some code.

You can link directly to a forum post via the title of the article.

Easy peasy.

Half-Life 2 Lost Coast


It’s out…sigh…gotta edit video…

It’s on


It’s been going on for the last few minutes…I’ll try get the video done tonight but I’m just soooo hungry!