Last night I couldn’t sleep because every couple minutes something in my room would beep for less than a second and then all would be quiet again.
I tried to narrow in on where the beeping was coming from but I couldn’t track it down. Eventually the beeping was less frequent but louder. I still couldn’t track it down (there’s many many things in my room that beep). Any how, it was more an informational beep so I didn’t worry about it.
Right now I found the item that was beep, it was my Palm Pilot and it was out of power. I guess I shouldn’t use it to do intensive calculations, init?

Baseball penalties are dumb


So the new baseball steroid penalties are a 20 game suspension for the first offense, 40 games for the second, and commissioner discretion for the third.

Does that make any sense to you? It doesn’t to me. Any infringement on the rules is a major offense and should follow the guidelines set by the majority of sporting bodies which is: Two years for first offense, lifetime ban for the second. It’s that easy!!



Thunderstorm…it’s loud!!!! It’s FUN!!! May result in downtime if a transformer blows and stuff loses internet connection (everything here is backed up…but…yah know, phone companies may not have power to power lil ol me).

Debian: The ease of install


I remember installing Debian on a little ruddy-poo 386 box a few years back. It was tough with all the floppies and lack of pppoe. But those were the days, sweating over a computer in a humid and muggy room.
Things have improved since then, it’s a lot cooler in here, the humidity is low and installation is quick and simple. I barely even had to touch the keyboard and the “trickiest” part was disabling DHCP after I’d installed the system and forgotten to disable it. Even pppoe is installed so I was able to get the system up and running in no time. I heart you Debian.

Took a break


I took a break from programming for a bit and played some Counter Strike Source. Lots of fun as usual especially because superbestfriends were running the Zombie Horde mod which was…tough.
What’s the mod? Well, the Terrorists are zombies that just get knives. The only way you can hurt them is with a head shot…and they have 500 HP (so you need 3 good head shots in a row with an armour piercing bullet). Zombies also regenerate 5 HP/second.
Needless to say the zombies swarm the counter terrorists (normal…so 100 HP no regeneration) and absolutely destroy you. The only safe route is to get a safe high point and just lay down a lot of fire…then run away when folks got close.
In any case, gotta sleep, have lots of work left for this weekend.


Well…that backup script is tested and in place…more to do now!

Nintendo: Revolution Controller


So the Revolution controller is finally revealed to the public (See it).

There’s a lot of dicussion so I’ll just say…I like it.

In one fell swoop Nintendo has completely taken the wind out of the sails of MS and Sony. What Nintendo is doing is real innovation and I suspect that nextgen will be huge for them.

WP: Server Update


DH is working away on the box.


I’ve had three games of Ultimate in a row with a lot of running. Legs are sore…but things are…better.

Server downtime

Sorry for the server downtime. I am investigating.