TV: Reality TV


Can we please stop with the lame reality shows already? What exactly is exciting about watching people sing that can’t be fulfilled by music videos?
People say it’s about being able to influence music but guess what? You get to do that when you buy music!! That’s your direct vote!!! WOW!

How about exciting things like EcoChallenge? I really need a new one…please? Thanks Mark.



Well, after yet another late night of coding the next step of API development is done. I’m gonna head to bed tonight and I hope ya’ll sleep well.
What does it all mean? Well, this upcoming version that I’ve been working on is much cleaner than the version we used previously and is easier to port. I’ll whip up a demo soon enough after I finish the server API.

Movie: Transporter 2


It’s out this upcoming Friday…I will be attempting to catch the lunch or slightly after lunch show.

Movie night prep


Ultimate tourney Saturday morning and it’s important to prepare for it. That involves getting sleep…so in order to prep for an Ultimate day one must watch movies.

First up on the list (currently running) is Empire Records Remix Special Fan Edition…so…what shall we run second?
We need something fun and entertaining (everything in my collection).

We could pop in a movie about competition under adverse conditions…such as Victory.
Course one could watch a slightly more whimsical movie that’s still competitive like…Men with Brooms.
What about the complete other direction? Dorm Daze…yeah…yeah!! Oh, that would rock! hmmm…I need something more psychedelic…

I’m gonna have to think about this one.

Coming to Canada!


August 30th!…Singin’ in the Rain!

Wow…four months…

It’s still running after four months. I’d say that’s pretty stable for a prealpha build. Init?



Transporter 2 TV ads have started!!!!

September 2nd folks! Mark j0 calendarrrrrrs.

Abstraction…it’s so pretty….


When abstraction really works…like really really works…as in things are well designed…writing code is a lot of fun and very very simple.

Oh, feel that!


Right at the stage when you’re sleep deprived you can feel it! You start becoming disoriented…so remember folks…sleep…but only once in a while.

Can you feel it? OH YEAH!


Ghetto Pimp took the test and failed…compared to me…