DVDs for the future


Well, I thought I’d awaken ya’ll again with my picks for upcoming DVD releases. Now mind you, there are many excellent movies and tv shows out there but only the best of the best make it here. Why do the best make it here? Because we deserve the best.

Ready? Here we go.

August 9th
Kung Fu Hustle

August 16th
Sin City

August 23rd
Old Boy
E.T. (Save for a later date)
Truman Show – Special Edition (Save for a later date)

August 29th (BIG DATE, BIG BIG BIG DATE!!!!!)
House Season 1 (the best show on TV along with Scrubs)
Pirates of Silicon Valley One of the best TV movies you’ll see.


DVDs for this week

k, what you should look forward to or get (these were out on Tuesday):

That’s it…just Steamboy!



At a party at a friends.

Trip: Detroit Final Fantasy!



I left from Waterloo around 1300 and planned on getting to Detroit at around 1600 (it’s a 3 hour drive…apparently) but got there in a little over 2 hours owing to light traffic and relatively a 5 minute wait (a very very short wait) at the Windsor crossing. When driving it’s always good to get into a “convoy” of your own peers. Basically people who drive around your speed. I found plenty of such folks along the way who were willing to travel…significantly above the speed limit. There was a cross wind all the way to Windsor so it made driving well above the speed limit somewhat dangerous (course, does that stop me?) and provided a challenge.

When I got to Detroit (about 10 seconds with Customs/Immigration) I started towards the city where Jon lives (had to contact Jordan) and when I got there I found the nearest 7/11 to make some phone calls. Of course, I forgot my American mobile phone at home (bugger) so I had to pay 50 cents (highway robbery!!) to make several phone calls to Forest and Jordan.

Eventually I got a hold of them and Matt told me to meet them at the local Borders (at the mall) and I did so. Good to see em all, headed to Jon’s parents’ place to watch TV and relax till we had to head out.

We left at 1900 to Matt’s house…and got to the Detroit Symphony Music Hall at around 1940. Met Omar right out front, got the tickets and were whisked right in. Fifth row from the front!!!

I tell yah, hearing live music is always better than listening to audio recordings. As Omar said: “Energy.”

After a pretty solid concert we headed back to Matt’s, went to Jon’s where I was supposed to drive Jordan to Forest’s but Forest offered to drive Jordan since I had a long drive ahead.

Given the oppurtunity to head directly home I made a policy: “NONE SHALL PASS!”

What is the policy? Simply put it’s where nobody is allowed to pass me between Windsor and to the point I pull into the driveway. After filling up on gass in record time I gunned it and without crosswinds I flew home.

For some reason people were driving relatively slowly and although some tired all failed and NONE PASSED!

About 50 km before London there was an emergency closing of the 401 so there was a huge loop to drive through the country side (with a lot of fog) and it was quite enjoyable (I still passed folks).

The detour cut into my time a bit but I made it back to Waterloo in record time!

Safe and sound.

There you have my boring and enjoyable day.


Wheeeeeeeeeeeee…got to see Jordan, Jon, and Matt!!! Forest couldn’t make it but I’ll see him again this summer.

Details in the morning, now I must eat and sleep.



Time to get to bed.

Just finished a new tiny set of build tools…I’m a tiny bit happier now…more to build out when I get back tomorrow.

Now…sleep…tomorrow…Final Fantasy Concert!

Damn you Patch!

[2005-07-24 01:09:51] Akshay: who’s Judy Patch?
[2005-07-24 01:10:01] oo7 (f) – I hate you Judy Patch: Dammit…I hate Judy Patch.
[2005-07-24 01:10:28] Akshay: dood, it means nothing to me unless you give context
[2005-07-24 01:11:09] oo7 (f) – I hate you Judy Patch: http://www.angelfire.com/rings/judy_patch/
[2005-07-24 01:12:06] Akshay: why do you hate her then?
[2005-07-24 01:12:15] oo7 (f) – I hate you Judy Patch: Read the page.
[2005-07-24 01:12:32] Akshay: she has a disclaimer, dood… saying “it’s not perfect”
[2005-07-24 01:12:43] Akshay: oh dear god
[2005-07-24 01:12:47] Akshay: hard drives with IPs?
[2005-07-24 01:13:02] Akshay: 😐 that makes no sense
[2005-07-24 01:13:45] oo7 (f) – I hate you Judy Patch: Don’t you just hate her?
[2005-07-24 01:14:00] Akshay: I wouldn’t go that far
[2005-07-24 01:14:05] Akshay: but she is a very special little girl
[2005-07-24 01:14:09] oo7 (f) – I hate you Judy Patch: I hate you Akshay Patch
[2005-07-24 01:14:14] Akshay: who could do with a smack on the head
[2005-07-24 01:14:17] Akshay: but I love you!
[2005-07-24 01:14:21] Akshay: and your random beatings 😉
[2005-07-24 01:14:47] oo7 (f) – I hate you Judy Patch: Take it all, 817ch
[2005-07-24 01:15:09] Akshay: bring it! you got no J!
[2005-07-24 01:15:24] oo7 (f) – I hate you Judy Patch: You know nothing about J.
[2005-07-24 01:15:45] Akshay: I’ve got more J than your mother in a thong! QED
[2005-07-24 01:16:00] oo7 (f) – I hate you Judy Patch: You don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore.
[2005-07-24 01:16:20] Akshay: this is true
[2005-07-24 01:16:46] oo7 (f) – I hate you Judy Patch: QED
[2005-07-24 01:16:47] oo7 (f) – I hate you Judy Patch: I win!
[2005-07-24 01:16:54] Akshay: burn!
[2005-07-24 01:16:54] Akshay: dammit!
[2005-07-24 01:17:06] oo7 (f) – I hate you Judy Patch: mmmhmmm, that’s right.
[2005-07-24 01:17:40] Akshay: h8u
[2005-07-24 01:17:43] Akshay: 4ever
[2005-07-24 01:19:40] oo7 (f) – I hate you Judy Patch: Nice try punk.
[2005-07-24 01:22:33] Akshay: 😛

Road trip!


Heading to the Final Fantasy concert in Detroit tomorrow! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Take that HILLSIDE 😛


Enough russian roulette for now, much stuff to do later today.


I just watched two guys blame each other that they both “won” at Russian Roulette when they should’ve “lost”.