Movies: Japanese release schedule!


Japan tends to get a lot of movies that we have here way after we do (standard practice) and we tend not to get any Japanese films (unfortunate).

So…here’s the Japanese Quicktime trailer page for you to browse…lots of fun stuff on there.

Kyle is back!

Kyle is baaaaack! We played Ultimate tonight! We rocksaured!

Status: Back up


Up again, just doing drivers and stuff…things do sound a lot better…I’m hearing things better in some songs that I wasn’t hearing with the old one.

Status: Downtime…sound

New sound card being installed (didn’t like onboard sound) in Diamonds, be back soon.

The Pain!

I spent the better part of the night playing CS:Source against folks online or against Greg. Is it too much fun? Yes. Will have to take a break from it and code some more.
In related news…Kyle is back from vacation with his gf tomorrow.

Advertising idea


So…had an idea that probably isn’t new.

Have street people hold up signposts on street corners and have them run by cars at red lights with the websites. Pay them on a comission basis (5 cents a hit) during the day and that night and you should have happy street people (resonably happy) and good advertising on your hands!

Go to it folks!

Wind you up and make you crawl to me…

Damn you Eric!!! I can’t stop listening to this song…there’s also another song that I can’t stop listening to but I’ll play that in a bit.

Finding Out True Love is Blind


Now for some sleep before another day!


Yes, a lot of posts all of a sudden right at night. I need to get sleep soon but first…filtering through email and seeing who wants my money more…the Nigerians or the East Asians.

Ooooh…Paris Hilton

The Paris Hilton collection at Amazon.

Helping sluts look their best, from one slut to another.