Movie: Ping Pong


IMDB link.

Just finished watching the movie, I am impressed (kudos to Kevin for pointing it out to me).

I will write up a full review when I’m not this sleepy…ok, to sleep.

Bunny down


A rabbit ran in front of the car today near Westmount. Now seriously…this is the location.

Was I sad…perhaps…but then…Darwin, now there’s more food for the other rabbits…food for the crows…yada yada…is it better or worse? I suspect that there’s no change.



Engine stumbling, time to take it to the dealership.

Server downtime

The server needed to be rebooted a few moments ago…I’m going to figure out why that was happenning and also get some backup servers going.

DVD Release schedule


Ugh…an absolute horrible two weeks coming up…nothing good next week other than ‘The Daily Show: Indecision’ (about the US Presidential Election) which I’m still contemplating getting. The big one that I’m really thinking about getting next week is “Gunner Palace” which is well rated and I’d like to see on the big screen (downstairs).
The week after (July 5th) absolutely nothing other than Roughnecks is out. I liked Starship Troopers so I’m considering Roughnecks but it’s unlikely until the price drops on it.
July 12th is a big week there are three sets that I’m after:
Million Dollar Baby (SE), Bill & Ted’s Excellent Collection (all 3 movies), and A Very Long Engagement. I’m still deciding whether I should import A Very Long Engagement or not…tricky since I already have to import another series.

bday partei

Just got back from the partei…lots of fireworks…awesome fun.

Oh sweet sleep…


Well…it’s time to sleep…but I gotta sleep in a special way as my arm is bleeding (Ultimate) and my knee is bleeding (Ultimate) and my hand is bleeding (Ultimate) and my shoulder is bleeding (Ultimate)…but…things are good.
Things will be even better during the day…when things get done!
But now…sleep…for it is Friday…Bewitched Day!

Where are they now?


I remember it like it was yesterday…the entire world was enamoured with a couple after the antics of one of the couple. There were news stories everywhere! Tabloids were having a field day…it was good all around.
So I ask you news media, where are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes now? I haven’t heard so much as a peep about the couple (as a couple) in the last few days. Every single story last week was about them. Is there really nothing to talk about them any more?
It’s ok, I understand if you don’t have the time to deal with them.

Thoughts: Razer Diamondback Mouse (LE)

Well…what can I say? This mouse is very sensitive…absolutely no skipping that is associated with other optical mouses that I have used. It has an awesome blue glow where even the scroll wheel lights up.
The mouse itself fits very comfortably in my hand and the two large buttons allow me to move my fingers around without worrying about them not being within contact range.
The scroll button (button 3) doesn’t depress much at all and there’s substantial force back that gives it a very sturdy feel. Scrolling itself feels solid like there’s power and authority behind each movement.
There’s 4 other buttons on this mouse but since I never ever use those buttons I couldn’t care less other than that they’re not in the way. Others have found the position of the 4 other buttons a bit tricky but they’re perfect for myself (I am a keyboard user for many tasks).
The sensitivity of this mouse shocks me as I can move across a single screen within only 1 inch of physical movement.
For CS:S it is rather nice and the minimal movement has gotten me a few extra kills. I do need more practice and need to find the right level of sensitivity in order to make this work really well. Needless to say, there were a lot of headshots.
Best mouse I have ever owned and a lot cheaper than most.

Hardware: Say hello to…


My little friend.