Oh wow!


The Simpsons are singing the Canadian National Anthem!

Don’t I feel special?

I think I do…it depends on what everybody else thinks.

Boycott Taco Bell?

Well, not Taco Bell but the one at Fairview mall.

Reason being? Really bad service, Pepsi that tasted really bad and wasn’t properly mixed, and REALLY BAD SERVICE.

Not at all impressed.

in ze works

New Website…new source…again you say?
Yes! I have developed a new xhtml php system so you will require the latest version of the top 4 browsers on the www (Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari).

PS2: Legend of Kay


During the course of E3 I was wandering around the Capcom booth and ran into this little gem. Legend of Kay is a 3d action adventure that involves a lot (A LOT) of jumping and is pretty easy to play on the easy levels; however, it does offer a challenge as soon as you explore a bit.
This game was released in the UK in March and has a pretty good reader review so I suspect that the taste I got at E3 will in fact be the same taste with the North American release.

The Lance Krall Show – Episode 7

Ok, you folks HAVE to watch the upcoming The Lance Krall Show. It just keeps getting better folks…BETTER!

Here’s a trailer directly from Lance.

Watch the show for me…so that they may eternally be renewed and bring joy to my sad sad entertaining life.

Next showing is Monday at 11:00 PM. This weeks episode (Episode 6) is showing Sunday morning at 1:30 AM (aka Saturday night at 1:30 AM).

Mr. T comic book?


“I pity da foo who doesn’t buy my comic book!”

Yes, it’s true that Mr. T has a comic book. It’s out in the UK and released by AP Comics. The comic book is also the best selling book for the month of May!

Order on AP website!.

A few details from the Play magazine interview:
Mr. T is Creative Supervisor for the comic.
Mr. T is Tough and Tender.

Blank posts?

It seems that somebody has run a massive wget or equivalent recurse process to go through my entire website as well as submitting all forms…silly rabbit.

Finny the Fish!

Snagged a copy at EB, it actually took them a couple days to find it since it wasn’t listed properly.
So, tonight there will be much of me trying to evade fishermen while eating insects and other fish…muwahahahahahaha!

Natsume: Finny the Fish


Welcome to more awesomeness! Finny the Fish.
From hands on play, controls well, large fun worlds, engaging story line, and innovative. Good buy.

Revolution: Game downloads?

The Nintendo Revolution will have downloadable games! That does open up the possibilty to download games to your DS via the Revolution!