Apologies for the language


I’d like to apologize to those kids that visit this website for the lewd language that some have typed in as comments.
However, I do not believe in censoring…so we’re good to go! Just cover your eyes whenever you see a word you don’t like.
Or better yet! Duck and Cover.

DS – Rayman

Well, I said I’d give you my thoughts on it and so here we go.

I played 2 solid hours of PSP Ridge Racer (undoubtedly excellent graphics) prior to playing Rayman so I was in the mood for a bit of an adventure…boy did I get it!
Rayman is an entertaining adventure exploration game that will keep most people entertained for a few weeks.
The story surrounds rescuing folks and fighting baddies in general. The environment are large and in 3D, load time are FAST (remember, I’ve been playing on the PSP). The controls are simple and easy to pickup (you don’t need advice). The game instructions aren’t intrusive and you can use the touchpad as the analog control. In other games the analog control has been a bit tricky and perhaps a bit too sensitive but with Rayman movement is pretty smooth and after a couple seconds I had no issues with being able to move around.
Graphics are a poor and I’m not being biased here. Compared to Wario Ware DS, Rayman is pitiful in detail and clarity. Things seem to be a bit too pixelated and I don’t seen any antialiasing. The lack of crisp graphics takes away quite a bit from the game but the excellent gameplay saves the day!
Ubisoft did a relatively good job on Rayman and had the graphics been better there is no way you should’ve skipped this game. As it stands, it’s entertaining and worth the purchase price, so go out and grab a copy.

PSP replacement


The UMD drive started giving serious errors today so I went and got a replacement. Now there’s a problem with the new one as well…there’s a piece of dirt under the cover…it’s annoying. Guess I’ll be getting a replacement in a few weeks.

Average gamer?


So the average gamer spends $700 a year…I think that’s faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too little (that’s 700 USD, init?).

Read the sampler.

How to have fun on a Sunday night


1) Get a vehicle.
2) Add two parts Swidrovich (Kyle and Eric).
3) Add one part movie (Robots)
4) Add one part running doing figure eights in the bus lanes.
5) Add one part driving thorugh downtown looking for a mailbox.
6) Add one Taco Bell drive through (backwards).

Equals…a nice fun and relaxing Sunday night.

PSP – Twisted Metal Head On


Well, in continuing with the thoughts about games.

If you’ve never heard of the Twisted Metal series then you’re either too young or an idiot like Akshay (sorry, I mean imbecile). Every game in the series is about driving around and blowing each other to bits…it’s that simple. There’s a variety of weapons and power ups you can pickup along the way. There’s a variety of cars and trust me, the regular cars are by far the ones with the best handling.
The online play in this game was relatively interesting; however, there was lag and frequent disconnects. I’ve tried playing from several different wireless locations to no avail (le sigh).
This game is definetly worth a buy if you love driving and shooting and destruction (basically, if you liked the other Twisted Metal’s). Course, if you want to learn to love this game or series then play Interstate 76 for the PC. It’s an old game from 1996…wow, almost 10 years ago…but give that a try.

Metal Gear Ac!d


Chad told me that a lot of folks are staying away from this game so of course I HAD to have it.
MGA is a turn based strategy card game. The game involves using cards to perform actions and/or move around in the world. Your objective is to perform a series of missions while doing all the regular things that Snake is well know for (destroying the enemy). Sounds pretty exciting, init! However, there’s also a lot of story between the missions and it’s quite interesting so far.
While it doesn’t sound that exciting it’s quite exciting when you lure an enemy over the period of several minutes into a mine (knock to attrack enemy down the hall, place mine, back away, end turn, enemy moves, enemy moves, your turn, flatten against a wall, knock, end turn, enemy turns, moves, BOOM!).
So, if you don’t have this game and want an engaging strategic game, buy Metal Gear Ac!d.

Ridge Racer track listing


Have a look see, my favorite one is ‘Disco Ball’ from the Blue disc.


Played some DS, played some PSP, played more DS, played more PSP…exciting!



Well, time between work and other activities leads to this break time.
I’ve been playing on the PSP quite a bit for the last little bit. There’s a stack of games sitting on my bed and the only one I’ve spent a lot of time (about 4 hours) is with Ridge Racer. Namco happens to be one of my favorite game companies and Ridge Racer PSP is perhaps one of the finest games of all time. The controls with the analog pad are a dream and the handling on the road is superb. I could not possibly be any happier with RR. Also to note is the insane soundtrack playing while racing. If you don’t have this game then go out and get it post haste.
The next game that I’ve really been looking forward to and have only been able to get about 30 minutes into is Wipeout. So far it’s pretty good and I suspect that it will also hone my racing skills.
Twisted Metal, to be honest, I got this game to check out certain specific (yeah, I shelled out $50 without really wanting the game) elements of the PSP design. To tell you the truth, it’s not as good as its precursors and it tends to make me a bit dizzy.
Metal Gear Ac!d…wow…lots of folks don’t like this game for some reason but I kid you not about how intense it can be. You have to play your cards (yes, there are cards in this game) just right. Yes you have to sit through a lot of story but it makes sense and has a good plot.
Need for Speed Underground…racing game so an obvious must buy…however, not enough time.
Gretzky…haven’t played it yet but I’m setting aside some special time for this 989 game.
Ape Escape, again…no time but I’ll get to you 😉
Lumines…ooooooooh yeah! When I first put this game in I had no idea how to play (to be honest, I haven’t looked at the instruction manual for any of the games, I just put them in and start playing and so far…no problems!) but it because obvious pretty quickly and before I knew it I had spent 45 minutes on my first game. Needless to say, an excellent puzzle game.
Spiderman 2 (movie), very good quality, I am preordering all the movies on Saturday when I go to EB again.
Preview disc, the disc had some trailers, music videos, yada yada…worth a peek.

Overall, I’m quite impressed. The PSP has an excellent user interface and is a joy to use. I’m going to hook up the USB cable and start transferring data onto there to see how crisp pictures are.

I have run into a few problems though. Earlier today the control buttons( cross, square, circle, triangle) were completely non-responsive and I had to do a reset in order to get them active again (no, the hold was not on). The sound was also a bit off on the speakers on some game when the volume was all the way up but that sort of problem is to be expected.