Ah John Stewart


All I’ve said publicly is that Star Jones is an extremely self centered woman who lives 3 feet up her own ass.


Not coughing yet…but things aren’t looking the greatest…might’ve been something from that fungus lab I visited on Friday.
How many times do I have to teach ya’ll how to properly sterilize rooms?



*does that humping thing that Jim Carrey does*

Motorcycle Diaries

Excellent acceptance speech…excellent movie.


Manitoba beat Ontario for the Scott…bah.



[15:53:16] ghettopimp: how’s your weekend shaping up?
[15:53:55] oo7 (f) – Cold Hearted.: Well…guess…
[15:55:32] ghettopimp: I’ll go with…. you finally decided to quit work, close your business, and embrace your true calling as a burger flipper in the most disreputable MacDonalds joint on this side of Scarborough, while running your highly esteemed pimpin’ business…. I’ll go even further and hypothesize that you’ve got a dentist’s appointment in a few minutes to replace a couple of your molars with gold plated screw ins 😉

And he never came back…


Ghettopimp likes to post conversations on his site…maybe I should post one as well…

[21:06:38] oo7 (f) – Cold Hearted.: Need anything?
[21:06:40] oo7 (f) – Cold Hearted.: Other than porn.
[21:06:42] ghettopimp: 😐
[21:06:43] ghettopimp: no
[21:06:50] oo7 (f) – Cold Hearted.: You dirty pervert.
[21:06:52] ghettopimp: thx for the offer…. ya brownie
[21:07:01] oo7 (f) – Cold Hearted.: That’s right, you’re a level two pervert.
[21:07:04] oo7 (f) – Cold Hearted.: A dirty one.
[21:07:11] ghettopimp: how many levels are there?
[21:07:19] oo7 (f) – Cold Hearted.: Many
[21:07:29] oo7 (f) – Cold Hearted.: Larger than 1 bounded.
[21:08:01] ghettopimp: so is the degree of dirtiness directly or inversely proportional to the pervert level?
[21:08:32] oo7 (f) – Cold Hearted.: Hmm…I’d have to say that it’s inversely proportional.
[21:09:32] ghettopimp: aw, you’ve got such a high opinion of me :$
[21:09:38] ghettopimp: stop it, you’re making me blush
[21:10:43] oo7 (f) – Cold Hearted.: lol
[21:10:58] ghettopimp: (jerk :P)
[21:11:40] ghettopimp: brb



Gorilla Mardis Gras!!!


Who’s in charge of the butter?

So, me mum is now out of the country for a bit and all I can think about is that I am now in charge of the butter supply.
I love butter…butter, rice, yogurt, and sugar…faaaaaaaaantastic. So, I was putting some butter on some food when I realized…that won’t be getting refilled automatically anymore. What happens if the supply starts to run out?
I came up with a whole bunch of formulae in order to chart the performance of butter vs time. I think I’ll be good for a bit but it’s about time that I made sure that I had enough of a butter backup.

I need to be superstylin’


So it’s quite possible that it’s time…time to be cool again. Cool like NOT Akshay.

It is time to partei