Uh oh


I am currently missing some DVDs from my new to watch list.
The bottom three shelves on one of my DVD racks are dedicated to movies that have been purchased but not yet watched. I tend to mix between unopened and opened DVDs so it takes a while to get through certain new watch lists…ja!
k, going to go hunting for those missing DVDs, I have a hunch where they might be at.


Just came back (a few hours ago) from a birthday party at Bryan’s. Dave and Bryan have their birthdays a week part at this time of year so for two years now we’ve gotten together and had a little party.
It’s incredibly fun 😀
I also got my brithday present (it’s not my birthday today…or is it?) from Dave and it’s an Electronic Listening Dish!!! Freakin’ awesome it is…will try to eavesdrop on some kids and birds and see how it goes.

iTunes Purchases for Tonight


This particular track is quite awesome and I’m pretty glad to find the remixes available on iTunes.

Jefferson Airplane – Somebody to Love, iTunes link
Boogie Pimps – Somebody to Love (Salt Shaker Remix)[Radio Mix Clear], iTunes link
Boogie Pimps – Somebody to Love (Salt Shaker Remix)[Main Club Mix], iTunes link

Enjoy 🙂



Ghettopimp got his website up (finally, he’s sooooooooo lazy).


Every once in a while you need salt…quite often if you code…so…salt and vinegar chips come in handy. I suggest you go out and get some.

fine fine…



Work is pretty awesome, lots of cool stuff like coding…and coding…
Night time is interesting, lots of watching movies, lots of reading…some coding, but not too much. Been running as well…running in cold weather is tougher than before but it’s fun.
One of my fingers stopped moving due to the cold but it’s doing pretty well right now.

Healthy eating

Lots of research…EAT RIGHT!


Still busy


I’ll put up a real post when I get breathing room to do so.

However, I am still alive, I am still coding, I am still thinking about pretty much everything.

Sleep time


Well, I guess it’s time to sleep.

Work is pretty fun I’m moving onto other fun projects now and there’s plenty of coding with that.

Back here, I’ve been working on solidifying some code, that seems to work as well…so…sleep time.

iTunes purchases tonight.

Only one purchase tonight:
Clubbed to Death – Rob Dougan iTunes link