I will be away from home for a ski trip with Kev and friends for the next day. This involves me going away from the internet for a while so ya’ll better behave as I’ll be laying the smack down when I get back.

I’ll be back Saturday afternoon and will continue with the general party atmosphere that permeates every aspect of my life.

Have a good new years eve and I’ll see ya’ll next year.

When I’m writing code…

…I decide the comments.

if( total_data_sent == -1 ) {
// Get the error out and cause a ruckus.



It’s on!!!

Can you find Brent? No, don’t look at the bottom part, you watch the top part.



In Good Company starts on January 14th but there’s a limited engagement this Wednesday…and I can’t find a place in town that’s playing it.



The friends link is now up…if you’re a friend (real friend) and you’re not linked, let me know and you will be.



By far one of the funniest shows on TV these days.

Shaun of the Dead


Pretty hilarious 🙂
Seems to be pretty similar to the region 2 version.

ooooooooooooh…that’s soooooooo nasty…do it!

Get some Trident Spearmint gum (the soft kind) and chew it for about 5 minutes so you tongue gets used to the taste.
Move the gum to the side of your mouth and drink some orange juice down the other side (try to do it on just one side of the tongue).
In any case…it’s freakin awesome.

He’s alive :(

Ghetto Pimp made it to India, let’s hope he’s ok…lol.



Bill Murray was on Letterman tonight…my goodness…he’s such a superstar.
It was funny, hysterical, and wity…if possible…doesn’t matter, it was so.