Ow, it hurts…


A few weeks back I heard an Eye in the Sky remix. It sounded pretty good for the first 5 seconds…it then turns into the most garbage remix ever.

So, the song to avoid is Eye in the Sky remixed by DJ Marti el nen.

The song not to avoid is Eye in the Sky by The Alan Parsons Project.

First…no pop…now what?

What you say? How about…no more Taco Bell. That’s right, you heard me…my #1 favorite fast food place is being added to my no eat list.
I’ve already had McDonalds, Wendy’s and all those other fast food burger joints on the blacklist and am adding Taco Bell to round out the bunch.

No more unhealthy fast food.

iTunes Canada!!


Well, this should officially be the day (November 30th) that we get iTunes. As of the 24th Apple said that they were on schedule to release it in November…let’s hope for the best 🙂

iTunes Canada

Today or tomorrow? What’s your guess?

The word is that iTunes Canada will officially be released within 48 hours. My goodness…what an exciting time this will be.

Blade Trinity


Wednesday December the 8th…yeah…

Henry Winkler!!!


One of my role models is the Fonz, he’s on Jimmy Kimmel right now…awesome…so happy.

Hello Kitty sandwich


Remember the grilled cheese sandwich that had the likeness of the Virgin Mary on it? Remember that it was sold on eBay?

Well now you can bid on something even rarer: Hello Kitty Miracle Sandwich.



Not that much longer till the movie version of the show.

Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell.

July release…

Alberta Election

PC – 63
Liberals – 16
NDP – 4

Good stranglehold.



Well, the DS was officially released today. Been busy testing it and working it over. Got a few games in…not enough though.