There was a thunderstorm out here last night that was insanely beautiful.
What made it awesome was the fog. The fog limited visibilty to 100 meters and every time there was lightning everything light up from every angle and stayed brighter for just an extra instant of time.
Very cool.



Geoff has recovered the lost files and posted them to his website:

iTunes Canada!!


Coming in November.

Read the important sentence here.


watch out…. it’s prickly says:
last week I was in mathsoc for a bit
watch out…. it’s prickly says:
Snuggles was there too, and he was playing with the photocopier
watch out…. it’s prickly says:
until a piece came off in his hands
watch out…. it’s prickly says:
and all I could say was “See Snuggles, this is why you lost the election… ”
watch out…. it’s prickly says:
such a bastardly thing to say
ghetto pimp

Wow – Happy Day


While I would’ve loved to see XBox Live for Halo 2 just so it would’ve given the fanboys something to brag about…it seems there won’t be any such thing for Halo 2:


There is this absolutely insane Adidas Basketball commercial that will blow your mind.
It involves a lot of awesome animation and special effects.



I haven’t had a watch for a while…in fact after I last reffed soccer I haven’t had a watch.
Seeing as how I’m a bit geeky and yada blada I thought it was about time to get a watch that expressed my personality.
So I bought this.
Yes it’s a bit expensive but my friend works at Futureshop and I got a deal on it (actually, I have 4 friends who work at FS). I’m pretty impressed with the service so far and will add a tool to this website in the near future that will let you message the watch (delivery time is between 5 and 10 minutes, on average).
Anyhow, will let you know when that gets here.

dang it

I’m all kinda mature and stuff now…I’m doing stuff I would’ve rebelled against 5 years ago. I tells yah, University really makes yah grow up and umm…do even crazier things.
So I guess growing up is about doing even more fun stuff…AWESOME!!

(I can’t feel my tongue)

Chemicals and I


Was helping a friend at the University…the calculations had a problem with a derivation that I discovered about 6 seconds before the incident.
It’s a good thing that I did otherwise we would’ve been in range for a variety of flying glass particles…not fun.
Anyhow…just some loss of taste and smell…should be good to go soon.
Anyhow, it was repeated and success was had all around.


Bread has been arranged for, now to schedule some shredder time.