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howdie doo folks

Last day today…sigh…sniff…



Men’s Basketball…USA vs ARG…ARG wins!!!

[flag]USA[/flag] – 81
[flag]ARG[/flag] – 89

The Birthday Party!!!

The event shall forever be known as the Birthday Party…details forthcoming.

Happy Birthday!!!


Personal good wishes go out to Linux…happy 13th birthday you awesome OS.

An even heartier Happy Birthday! goes to Sir Sean Connery.

Action Time


NBC has a few problems, the one quoted below is a huge one. Please email and complain.

This afternoon I put a call into NBC and spoke to one of their communications people. Apparently, they are receiving a number of calls and emails—so good job to the entire wrestling community.

After explaining to her the situation, and the deep disappointment that many in the wrestling community feel it sounded as if the media conglomerate would be mulling over writing an official apology.

Please take this opportunity to make your feelings heard:

To the entire wrestling community,

This morning I did not witness this firsthand, but have received several concerned call about the treatment of women?s wrestling by the NBC sports reporter, Mr. Joe Concha.

Below is an excerpt from an email I received.

This morning on the Olympic update from 7 – 8 a.m. on MSNBC, sports reporter Joe Concha was completely disrespectful to women’s wrestling. While giving a thorough report on several women’s sports, he was directly asked about women’s wrestling. His only comment was to try and be cool and say that “I won’t be taking any of those women home to mom anytime soon.” He completely laughed off the sport, and even worse refused to give ANY details about it.

He didn’t mention a single name or a single thing about the competition. There was a perfect door to speak about McMann or Miranda in medal matches and he didn’t say a word. I suspect he was ill prepared as a journalist and just found the quickest way to bail himself out of harm’s way, and it was embarrassingly inappropriate. In the end he even commented that he didn’t want to talk about it anymore because he would probably get hate mail. Well, he was right about that! Let’s flood NBC!

To the credit of NBC, a weatherman who immediately followed him tried to make things right and said that he was from Iowa and would put the Concha in a half-nelson after the show. He commented that he supported the women’s involvement in the sport and even mentioned coach Townsend Saunders by name.

Anyhow, please join me in writing NBC online to complain about this embarrassing comment. I know that if you had seen it you would be as upset as I am, both as a wrestler and as a supporter of our amazing U.S. women’s team.

I am very disturbed by these comments and would like to encourage all supporters of the great and honorable sport of wrestling to respond in kind to the following three emails. Please let them know that the wrestling community is insulted by these injurious comments.

We only can blame ourselves, if we do not actively stand up protect the honor of our Olympians and the great sport that they represent. Silence only softens our strength!
In the wrestling spirit,

Ted Witulski
NCEP Manager
USA Wrestling
Ted Witulski



Up early on a Sunday!!??!!!

Lots of work to do so I thought I’d get to it 😉

Women’s wrestling was/is on this morning, pretty neat. I don’t know why they’ve waited so long.

The highlight of this games definetly has to be the 53 second lap in the Men’s 10000m race day before yesterday.

Yesterday’s highlight was Dimos and his attempt at a fourth gold in weightlifting.

Hey Akshay


When’s the wedding?

Basketball USA vs LTU

[flag]LTU[/flag] – 94
[flag]USA[/flag] – 90

Olympic Connection

[js=audioplayer(‘files/audio/olympic_connection_tewksbury.swf’)]Olympic Connection with Mark Tewksbury[/js]

In the above link Mark Tewksbury explains what’s wrong with Canadian Olympics swimming.