Beep Boop Results


1st place prize: Oracle
2nd place prize: Int21
3rd place prize: Kylenol

Most Ballots Earned prize: BoredCoder
Most Friends Refered prize: Me (since only one prize per person and I’ve got the 4th highest total after other winners).

Nobody played more than 15 games (other than some who’ve won) and there will be no Highest Average Score prize.

Also, because there was no chocolate bought there will be no Chocolate prize.

The Ballot draw prize goes to: Tea

Would all winners please contact me with what they’d like to receive as their gift. Please remember to check the prizes page and let me know by today at 2100 at the latest.

Thank you.

A report will be available soon, I have a bit of material so I’ll try to write it with all that in mind.

Winner list may not be final and are subject to change, in case of discrepancies after gifts have been received a duplicate gift of equal or lesser value will be offered to winner.
If gift is not available (due to supply problems, this is in the contest rules you accepted) then a replacement gift will be offered.



so much to do…I’m only done the 1st of 5 pages for my project…and I gotta put some math in there init?

Fractal Terrain


I’ve gotten a bit done for my PMath project.
One thing that I did get done is a simple Fractal Terrain generator: click here to use it


Some of you now have the ability to post news directly to this front page.

You post it using the Add News option on the admin menu to the right.

Rules (yes…there are some)
Keep it clean (don’t post nasty things here, I don’t want them)
Keep the foul language to a minimum, this is my website and I try to keep things sanitary around here (this only applies to the main page, everywhere else is a free for all)
Try to keep it decent…if you don’t then I may have to take away the privileges.
As a note, this is the only forum on the site over which I have editing capabilities (as an admin) so I may make some modifications if necessary.

What can you post?
Anything that conforms to the above rules.

Will you receive credit for it?
Yes, your name will appear as the poster.

Oh…a note about the language…I most likely won’t modify the language but add an small note that states that it’s your thoughts and not mine 🙂



gonna work with the site to make it as compatible as possible.
In the next few months I’ll also be working on a variety of projects and will finally put things in the Projects section.

B&W addiction

getting a bit much but I did get most of my embryology studying done 🙂
now I just gotta get cell bio reviewed and chaos and fractals done and I’ll have plent of time for studying other things 🙂

dang mouse

I was play counter strike (only for a bit) and then my mouse broke down…I was running too many things on my machine and it’s a MS optical mouse…so the connection with germany started lagging and things got chunky and I think I shot one of my teammates but that’s inconsequential 🙂

Bond, James Bond


is back on top…wicked!!! Take that Harry Potter, u may have gotten tops last weekend but Bond got the 4 day record last weekend so HA.

My bad

I apologise for this

Position of mammary nipples

The position of mammary nipples is determined during the development of an embryo and will be located along two lines.

Extra nipples can also form along those lines.