Damn Subspace


There’s some of the dumbest people on Subspace these days…they don’t play strategy at all. Rather than win the 12 million points they’d stay alive so that they can get 5000. Does that make sense?
Thought not…if you have enemies coming towards you and your the last man back then you move backward…you don’t warp in behind them.
If your teammates are at the front lines and clearing space for you, you move up so that you can take a shot.
If you’re on the front line and trying to kill a ship that has a flag, I do not want to be shot with friendly bombs from behind thus reducing the amount of power I have to kill the enemy…all simple things but it’s mindless teenagers who don’t care about how to solve a problem but would rather hold down the fire button.
For instance, I have a low death to kill ratio, meaning that I die more often than I kill…and that’s because I play the game for the team. If i die putting down a wall then my team can kill 5 of the enemies. So…I’m really working towards the tons of points and the same players who do “well” don’t get rated very well because they don’t play with the team; they run away and hide. Sometimes you need to take a bullet for a teammate, it won’t hurt you a bit and it’ll save them from dying.
The concept of team is lost and that’s why it’s beautiful to play with people who know how to play. Sometimes a team comes together where there is constant communication, synchronized attacks, perfect bombing, clearing of space so that a wall can be put down and when that team comes together the victory is sweet…except for the one noob who got switched among the teams and chooses to complain about it. It’s happenned to me (the switching), about 10 times for some very large Jackpots and I complained the first two, and then I let it go…cause it’s part of game. But stupid behaviour isn’t.



Looks like FedEx is back up. Also, their detailed online results aren’t as detailed as they should be, init? Track this shipment.
How many steps will it take to get to me?

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you guys have probably gotten that sort of spam and I’m wondering who cares about selling products to people who don’t have money to spend?


seems like the FedEx shipment tracking system is down (or the link from the website to the tracking system)

WhoIzIt 2-3

WhoIzIt 1-3


Dead to Rights….kchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
….oooooh…sooooooo gooooood…



I had a very long and interesting discussion with Geby earlier today (round 0100). It pretained to whether there exists a computer that has the ability to learn. Even any sort of simple learning.

The discussion evolved from this page (at wired). The article is quite interesting but I felt that landing a helicopter using that method would be overkill since a computer could do that.
Geoff countered by stating that although a computer could handle predetermined tasks, only a human (or system capable of learning) would be able to handle unanticipated situations.
I do believe that computers can learn and if you’d like to dicuss the learning ability of computers then please click here
I will try to post the text of that conversation (with Geoffs permission) at that forum thread.


WhoIzIt 2-2

WhoIzIt 1-2

Day 2 of WhoIzIt…let’s get crackin folks…