you nuts


to all the people who said that the Palm OS is garbage and all Palm OS compatible devices are going down the drain soon because they don’t support .NET…IN YO FACE!!!

Palm OS will support the .NET framework in the future and it will be good…

I guess this means I will have to fully learn the .NET framework and stuff…guess I’ll have to setup stuff and compile on windows…OH WAIT…Mono or dotplan…he he

Chalies Angels


That new movie is coming out next summer…they have 2 trailers out right now but there’s 2 more that I have obtained (the special effects are very well done in the movie, shot wide print and then cropped in a lot of scenes).
The two other trailers are pretty sw3333t…I’m pretty impressed and for all my complaining about the Bernie Mac Show (cause of those stupid pop up ads…), Bernie is a good addition to the series. There is talk of another movie after Full Throttle but it may not happen cause the 3 angels are starting to reach the end of their shelf life. So…maybe a third, but definetly no fourth.

Many people also have a problem with the helicopter falling of the bridge and then having the rotors moving and being able to fly up…
From what I’ve seen, it seems to be a Hind and so 220 RPM would give it positive lift (in ground fixed). Now the Hind also has two wings which would provide (at lower speeds) 20% of the lift, so we need to only get up to about 180 to start slowing down the fall. That’s 3 rotations per second to get positive acceleration on a chopper that shouldn’t have weapons loaded. I’m pretty sure they could do that especially in one of the worlds most power helicopters.


I’m the Web Editor (no way am I news editor)…so…what’s up?

one midterm today…gotta do well on it…
one soccer game (at 1500)
one Ultimate match (at 2030)

and then some assignments…but I’m done me exams…

New Poll


yeah…Geoff and I had a conversation about which one is better…so…which one would you buy if you could buy one…

oh my goodness

The following link is to a forum that deals with a mature matter. Please do not follow it if you feel you may be offended: very very funny

But…that is a very very very funny post…the discussion is good as well… 🙂


I want Ice Cream…but Matilda is on TV…ooooooooh…what to do?



I get to be the Imprint News Editor 🙂

[correction, Web Editor]

y0 y0 y0

What’s up all? Sitting here at the Imprint meeting can’t talk, keyboard loud….


I feel like having Harvey’s today…

study study study

cause there’s an exam on wednesday…

4 things to do…
1. study
2. meeting at 1230
3. class at 1330
4. lab at 1430