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kinda back up now

Sweet Home Alabama

Reese Witherspoon has always been a dynamic actress but Sweet Home Alabama allows her to explore a more mature role. Having previous played an intelligent, amusing blond (not to say they usually aren’t) in Legally Blond and a much more youthful Annette in Cruel Intentions; Reese branches out into a mature, complex character in her latest endevour.

Playing a woman who returns to her hometown to tie up some loose strings so that she may marry her “true love” she finds out that she has transformed herself into an urban yuppie and has lost touch with herself.

As always, the movie (as is the genre) is very predictable but amusing. The script is alive with characters, stories, and a life that comes with complex characters that you quite never fully understand.

I suggest seeing the film if you’re heading to the theatre as it is well made and well thought out.

15 out of 20.

What would?

What would a mosh pit for an Enya concert look like? Would it follow chaotic behaviour?

During froshweek there was a Watchmen concert. It was supposedly exciting and had good music. What interested me about the concert was the crowd/mosh pit. I saw chaotic/fractal behaviour in the crowd. More specifically I focused on studying the behaviour of people who started clapping to a rhythm. It wasn’t always the same people who instigated it but it started in a specific few areas and then spread. Eventually a pattern emerged…it was much like Conway’s Game of Life and it was very much fun.

Anyways, I think from now on I’ll try to write something interesting each day.

Good day

Just sitting here doing an assignment and relaxing after a long day at refing…

playing FF VII and he he…I remembered why I love these games…amazing story…good graphics and the dialog…but anyways, I named one of my characters Mr. T so check this: dialog 1, dialog 2…he he he



Problem Child is on TV…long time no see….

“you know what? you don’t even have a yellow thing and your green thing is brown”

Final Fantasy

I bought Final Fantasy VII and VIII for the PS today…thought I should pay homage…

my f00t

My foot is better =D

I cut the scab and a lot of the skin surrounding it off and there’s a full layer of healthy skin under it…so I’m set to run again…wheeeeee…



just came back from shooting part of a video with Kyle, Jenny, and Swid…crazy stuff Swid has done and amazing camera work from Kyle (props)

Swid was hurting (you know, jumping and he bent his toe and what not) and this is the convo I had now:

Swid (1:05 AM) :


oo7 (1:05 AM) :

damn man…

Swid (1:05 AM) :


oo7 (1:05 AM) :




I heard some real nice things about Liam today (Dorey that is) and it made me think about culture and how it’s affected. When religion forms the basis for culture then it is no longer culture but a religious basis.

Most culture derives from that of religion or a shunning/lack of it. When a significant portion of an ethnic group that practice the same religion govern themselves in the same manner then it becomes apparent that going outside the bonds of culture can be considered an infringment of the religion itself.

The basis of most religions are in fact not written in stone or in a book but are part of culture. That is how religions are derived…from culture. But in terms of culture, it must continue to change, hence a seperation of culture is required from religion in ways that you live strictly by a religion of you follow it and not allow it to interfere with commonplace life. If infringement occurs then you no longer live your life but rather one that somebody tells you to live. Even if that somebody is “God” then you still have to decide for yourself.

Absolutely nothing is proven and most religions go on the basis of a saviour or prophet that was witnessed going to a happier place. Therefor if you follow the words of wisdom of those enlightened ones then you too will encounter a happier place. Yet, even through all these years of death not one common person was found to have ascended to heaven. If I am going to give my life to the following of a religion then I want to go out with the same bang that the original person went out with.

If the persons ascension was signalled by bright lights then it follows that any other person that ascends will have bright noticable lights to signal an ascension. Since we don’t see that it can be formulated that they didn’t ascend.

Thus, as it stands there still is no basis to religion other than commonly held wisdom or religion. A legitimate example is those that worship Star Trek/Star Wars characters. They follow the wisdom of the books and series just as frevently as those who follow the books of religion. Why cannot they be considered to be religious? The truth is that they can indeed considered to be religious and if you scoff at one then you must scoff at all because they all have the same basis: a bunch of stories.

In any case I was told that “Liam is one of the sweetest guys ever” (note is just a statement of what he is)