I finished the Student Level of Flight Sim 2002 Pro and it’s pretty c00l.

Why did I buy it? Well, since my other licence doesn’t cut it, I was told I’d have to study this one. Turns out that if I get my Private Licence then I can buy a Yoke and Pedals (about $500) and can log actual flight time on my computer!!!

But, I got the 3 CD version (Pro), it comes with extra planes and airports and stuff. I also bought a the force feedback MS joystick (it’s c0000l).

Anyways, after I finished the Student lessons I decided to go flying. What better place than over KW? I searched up Waterloo Wellington airport and (check this) got the actual Weather conditions that existed here!!!!! Can you believe that? I was flying over KW…right now!!!

Anyways, they say that they have the terrain and buildings that exist in the world and they’re not kidding. I was able to identify a few things on the ground but since it was night I was only able to tell that I was flying over Highway 86. I’m pretty sure that when I have time I’ll fly over UW and have a look see but when I have the time (I can already fly with instruments 🙂

Ok, to bed now, I have a full day of Stall training and Airtraffic controllers to chat with (on the landing approach I requested landing when I was 10 minutes away and they said ok, then when I was close to the airport they confirmed me again 😀


I keep calling this trivia even though it’s more. 2 more days to go (today and tomorrow)

Gordie is in the lead with 3 points

Sana’a and Jen are tied for second with 1 point

since this is the first installment, I’m pretty sure that many people don’t know about it and the chocolate bar prize…mmm…

Trivia will also happen during frosh week but will take a break either the week after frosh week or the week after that week. The reason is that I’ll probably build an automated site to handle it (don’t worry Kevin, Unity is still being worked on).

Onto the Questions:

1. Callsign for Waterloo-Wellington airport.

2. “Sit ___, Sit”

3. What WINE stands for.

No hints as they’re all pretty easy…good luck



I wanted a baseball strike…sniff…stupid sport can’t offer any excitement can it?


A few minutes ago I finished fixing my toe. As some of you know I played some football (soccer) on wednesday and I hurt my index toe on my left foot pretty badly.

It stopped bleeding on wednesday night and so on thursday I went to play Ultimate.

It was huuuuuuge fun and got lots of excercise =)

but, my toe started bleeding again even worse than before. About an hour ago it started swelling and I suspected blood and plasma buildup…so I sliced a bit of it open to release the pressure (it was pus) and then I cut away all the dead skin to make it stop hurting…but now…it’s perfect…no scar for me (on my toe…lol)

I need rest now…but in the morning, I go buy Microsoft Flight Sim 2002 (you heard me…buy!!!)


Oh Henry and a can of cok3…light snack of c0d3rs

Trivia Hints

for yesterday

2. Monkey

1 point to Gordie, brings im to 2

3. Yakshimeh


Trivia ends on Sunday night 🙂

1. They keep giving him awards…why don’t they just play his videos?

1 point to Sana’a

2. “______ I don’t speak freaky deeky dutch” (the number of dashes do not designate the number of letters)

1 point to Gordie, brings im to 3

3. Poisonous beef_____ ______

(hint: number is the name of the organism)



guess who’s still up? 🙂

work time


Yesterdays trivia still stands…hmm…maybe I’ll make up a trivia site?? More to do first…

1. What Bond film was shot on the same bridge as True Lies? – answered correctly by Gordie

2. Who Cares?

3. “A pig that swims in the water.”

anyways…things are working better…and guess what? Spaceballs is showing on the Superstation!!

Last night


last night was one of the worst nights in my life. The reason for this was that my ISP (golden) was having troubles with web traffic through port 80 (sniff) so it was really really flaky and wouldn’t work for 5 to 10 minutes on end.

All the other ports worked and I even contacted some of my friends on the network and they were having the same problems. So essentially I was unable to complete important searches on various topics due to the flakyness…but this morning all was good 🙂