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an excerpt from my notes for Biology 273:

Maintenance of ion balance:

Keeps ions in proper range and whatnot

Bond Poll

whoooooa…there’s people voting in the poll!! If you’re a Moore and Brosnan fan then you better get voting…


ok…another exam today…one tomorrow and then I get another 1 day break =)

and you should be able to see the pix (shouldn’t be any errors)…news? It was hot today, Ultimate was g00d…SHUT OUT with the triple box!!!

I was watching TLC and there was a great show on death defying stunts and such…what really caught my eye was the TV warning prior to the show: greatest TV warning _ever_

What I learnt from 007


If you have a fire truck, you can do pretty much anything you want!!!

Real Time

Owen Goss (ongoss) gave me a wicked demo of his real time OS (you know…that CS course). It’s pretty sweet…I was quite impressed (very very impressed). You can read his log file (in its entirety) here.

It’s a good read for those of you who are going to take Real Time…it’s also entertaining.

In other news…3 exams down…4 to go…w00t

In other news


I’ve learnt that this monkey is still around, I hope that the pest problem will be taken care of sooon…

Of course there is a greater evil on this planet. I suspect that the evil will evolve to this in a few years.

That’s all in the evil report today…

New Pillow

Got a new pillow!!! It’s one of those fancy funny shapped types. Here’s some pictures: first view, second view, with covers, funny shape, old pillow

Head Wrapping Test: old pillow, new pillow

And it even came with a nice package (nudge nudge): package

Note: that is a plastic dart on my head

Lots a news

Well…there’s lots of stuff to go over at this update…check out the news from yesterday…there’s some Austin Powers stuff in there =)

I decided not shave this weekend…scared a lot of people I vid conference with…he he…

Austin Powers


Goldmember is a pretty funny movie…well made…and now…for some pictures from the movie (copyrighted by whoever the heck made the film): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

What’s the deal with Columbo?

He’s like an evil genius that’s telling his plan to Bond but it’s a good guy telling the evil guy. You did picked up the phone but you changed the clock because I found this paper on the ground and that meant that you really were in another time zone and so you really going back in time to kill so and so…na na naaaaaaaah!!!

I mean come on…if you were about to commit a crime and you knew that Columbo is around then you’d just take care of him first and bada boom…you’re in the clear.

Of course, that Murder She Wrote lady would probably show up.