4 months now? I’ll try to update more often. I”ve been working on many
of my projects. Some of them are nearing release/finalization…wicked.
You’ll start to see more release stuff round abouts. One of my projects:
www.oo7.ca (that’s my website). Another
one, a game, just doing the artwork on that right now (thank you Tom: www.tomthetom.com.

My T5 project is nearing version 1.4. It’s doing pretty well,
rewriting the resource system right now. The resource system and new html
editor will be released together. Booyakasha

The Sopranos rock. I had this c00l dream last night. James
Gandolfini rode by in a tricycle (he plays Anthony Soprano). Had a g00d
chat with him, complimented his work and then I walked across the
pedestrian bridge on University Ave (by the train tracks). Then I put
firecrackers in the paper mache cow udder. Then I woke up cause it was
time to goto work.

That’s about it…oh yeah, won the beard growing contest at work, I
shaped it like Ali Gs beard.