Blink Bling


Whoa, it’s been like 2 and some months. I had a gf for a while, but we
broked up. That was interesting. It was fun, but how can you consider
half the planet to be less than you are? Zat’s just a question. We’re
going into a new phase here. It’s called 2002. I have to actually finish
working on some of my ideas.

Need imagination, will have to recover it somehow. I’ve had
absolutely no sleep for quite a while and I’ve got that burnt out feeling.
Oh wait, it’s gone now. Flying away like a dead rabbit. Yes, that

I do web work during the day at work, therefor I will not do web work
at home. I will do like some sort of web work, but that’s personal. But
the C and C++ will continue. Hooorah.

Lord of the Rings, shibby. Now, if you’ll remember, shibby is from
Dude, Where’s My Car?

REMEMBER THAT. The upcoming term is exciting, yippeee…what will I
do? Nobody knows, there could be fun or there couldn’t be…hmmm…will
find out.

If anybody is looking for a mercenary or assassin for hire, send them
my way.

Zat’s all for now, back to work.