Another little while


Since the last update. Lots gone on everywhere…work has been lots and
other work has been lots. I’m finally gonna be forced to make a flash
version of this website as I have an iweb presentation on November 1st.
That’s the day b4 November 2nd. The 2nd is a much more important day as
two things happen. Monsters Inc. hits theatres. Shrek hits DVD. I will
be watching both that day. There will be animation that night. So I have
a fairly good ideer of what my flash page will look like (finally a
complete thought, usually they’re just half done and I try to compile and
it all crashes down on me and my brain has to be rebooted and since it was
in RAM I can only look at traces of it, damnation). I’ve also written one
of my several articles for mathNEWS. I’m going to attempt to write one
entirely humourous article. That’s right, me will try to be funny.
Remember how I was considering changing to Biology, well…I’m thinking of
changing streams as well. That’ll give me a large sum of money money
money and it will allow me to see the whole bunch of people I usually
don’t see. Plus I’ll get to go to school in the summer again.
booyakasha. Of course, after that I might start to pycho stream.
Whatever, we’ll just c what happens, aight?

Not much more to talk about, will probably be moving major portions of
site to thunderball…that should be intarestin…the University has given
me several computers on the domain. >;-) they don’t call me
3V1l for nothing.