Gettings back to normal stuff…still trying to locate the camera from the
Scunt. I’ve been tracing it through several people and it’s been
bouncing from one location to another and back to a location but to a
different person. That’s been fun (?).

My muscles are sore, so I’m gonna go for a run…sw33t…I’m been
getting back to normalish type stuff…continuing the 911 coverage but not
as often. I found an article on Time: to time.
It’s very good, it’s an intro and it’s quite powerful.

I have to mow the lawn today. As in the biological green grass that
is alive in the front of the house and at the back of the house. Where
house is defined as the inanimate physical structure that I live in. That
was a definition that was required so that all you sickos out there
wouldn’t misinterpret my manner of expression.

Back to working on stuff, oh yeah: GMT



Well…it’s EngScunt. What can one say about this event? it really is
tons of fun. I have also proved that I am faster than Kyles’ moms’ van.
We raced from POETS to the comfy lounge. I took off from there,
sprinting, then up the stairs by the submarine. Slowed my run down
because the air was quite harsh and I wasn’t used to it and just as I got
to the building Kyle pulled up and started chasing me up the stairs. The
stairs were brutal and Kyle grabbed and pulled me away from the door,
fortunately I was able to grab him and get my foot in the door (after lots
of struggle) to win the race. Interpret that how you may. A lot of cool
discussions happenned along with lots of taping. As usual there was a lot
of blatant exposure by those I filmed so it’s important that when you give
me a camera you be prepared to be amused.

I had dinner with Van, Monkey Man and Wrong Taxi (well more a 4 am
meal) and we had lots of good conversations. I brought up stuff about the
moon and how people thought about crashing parts of it into the earth to
right the tilt. Then Van told us that women’s cycles depended on the moon
and that we wouldn’t want all the women pmsing 24/7, aight? So this
brings me to now…continuing to update…lots of cool things going
through head, tons o fun.

important enough

Wow…engscunt…we won…amazing…this is very memorable. We
participated against an amazing group of engineering teams. They pushed
us to the limits and we survived. It is a huge honour when a group of
engineers that are highly respected give one of their top honors to a math
team. It tells you what an amazing effort our team put in. As Dan said
at the meeting: “Give yourselves a pat on the back”. The trophy is being
well protected (from what I’ve heard). I don’t know who are in charge of
taking care of it…there’s just a general mystry surround it, as it is
quite important. Well that’s the excitement, had a really good game of
throwing ze disk around today…ran a long long distance way…hopefully
more soon…building up again. I’ll actually have to write an article for
mathNews soon. Also, I’ve been really hyper lately, but that’s cause of
engscunt and being back on campus more often. Now that I’ve seen a lot of
the new faces and all the old lazy tubby bastards (that’s right Derrik and
Mike, I’m talking about you) I’ve settled into a new pattern of thinking
about next Scunt and so on. Nite nite.


The GMT group are getting back to it, gonna make sure stuff works…we’ve
got specs, M has almost got a proper connection, and I am working on
seperate engine…for something important. That’s all there, good thing
we have beta testers.



Woooo…Scunt is ON, bring it…booyakasha. What’s up peoples? long time
no talk…well two days. Last night was movie night, as always, Polaris
suxsaurs big time. Lots of stuff going on, I’m working on a module that
will do screenshots for me, so basically I’m making a whole rendering
utility, which will come in handy for later (or now). I’ve got to find
more poster stores in town. There’s two more Shrek posters I’ve got to

Work is back on 2day, sugar. It’s cool, I get to sit in a new place,
my own little safe haven, but there’s so much light in here, it’s really
really bright. I don’t mind that, it’s just that everything is so stark I
had to bring in my own LEGO stuff and rubber ducky to contrast the
plainness. Hoping it’ll be a pretty sw33t dy and night altogether.
Should be nice, but of course, depends on the music selection, and the

It’s really sweet weather. Last night I went jogging and of course
the cold air makes it harder to breath. I also have to slow my jog down,
it’s currently a fast paced run, I want to get to the level of a mile in
under 5 minutes and then hopefully a mile in under 4 minutes but that’s
just wishing right now.

Give it up


For Gilad, he’s got a crucial portion of our project done, now I just have
to whip up a model and finally I can discuss ze project with others since
we will have started it. Web page link coming soon.

What would Donald Knuth do

If he was here right now,

He’d write a book

And he’d autograph it too,

That’s what Donald Knuth’d do.


Aight, that was random, no? fun too. I think I need to be more
punny, but I don’t have the talent to do that. See I didn’t even try to
pun once. No, don’t force me, I’m like that pencil you tried to bend in
grade school (no not those red ones, you know those cheap HB’s that were
awesome) but you’d get them only so far and they’d snap…oh wait…I
guess I’m really like an elastic band…wait…those snap too…how about
a banana? Ha…we haven’t done banana’s yet have we? (this is the part
where if you don’t know what I’m talking about you run head first into a
wall cause this is python, monty python).

Right, suppose you’re in an ally and somebody comes at you with a
banana…k…nuff said.

I’ve got a chess board here at work and yeah…tis coo…of course go
fish is sooooooooooo much better, booyakasha (I’m just saying that cause I
like to tease, and I’m really goooood at it).

Ever seen late night Conan O’Brian? (is that how you spell his last
name?) They have the one where they make fun of Seinfeld, coooorn nuuuts,
gooooorn nuts…no coooorn nuts, gooorn nuts, what’s de deal wit gooooorn
nuts. Ok Kyle and I have to be there to do this right, or even me and
somebody else would do ok. Have fun, I’ll c u later, TO POOP ON (Triumph
the Insult Comic Dog)


It’s been over two weeks now since 911. Not a long time and people are
getting on with their lives. I’m going to be making something tonight
that I was going to be working on 911 so that should be good.

Yesterday I was surfing along on yahoo when boom all of a sudden the
look of the site changed. Very cool. The search results are now like
blueish and what not. It’s currently early so I’m not at all funny (or as
Kyle would say: “Funny like a chinese whore”) (or as Monkey would say:
“Funny like a fox”). Of course there is some good news for the next few
days. I get off of work early today, no work tomorrow, and work start at
1300 on Friday and then it’s engscunt…d000000d…sw33333333t.

I think…


That I’ll go back to my regular routine of updating several times a day,
that way you only get the A material and not some of the nasty D (for
Dan…booyaka) material (that joke was lost on you too wasn’t it?)

Anywho, I had a big piece of chocolate cake for breakfast. Actually
it was Brown Cow. I can’t find a link to it but imagine chocolate layers
with soft vanilla cream hinted with chocolate lightly flaked with
chocolate flakes and a big brown milk producing cow. Good stuff. Ok
that’s all the funniess for now. Oh yeah, I just got my emulators CD
back…that’s a ton of games I play at work now (so I can stop carting all
my cartridges to work…umm…yeah…)


My eyes…the goggles, they do nothing. Hey, updating again. I just
finished designing a huge database for the University that will hold all
the course information and more. Booyaka…I need a new catch phrase.
So anyways…why my eyes hurt: I was looking up at the fans at the
cieling and they’re rotating at about 4 rotations per second and I’m
trying to keep up with them and after 10 minutes of it (I’m on my
“break”…yeah that’s it (database design takes a lot out of you)) my
eyes…yeah. I can barely see straight right now…reminds me of the time
that Daryl spun me around and then I was dizzy and they threw a disc at me
(and I caught it I did, king of disc, Yeah so that was
dizzy. I know a lot more about the University right now…be very fraid
(afraid actually but what is a fraid?). I’m gonna get more RAM for my
comp? should I leave it at what it is or go for 512 or 1 gig of ram?
Remember that I’ve got a P4 so the RAM is exspensive. Sugar and Sweet
will be my new catch phrases. I opened up my computer yesterday (while it
was running of course, I have 99% uptime, 99.99 on my debian box) and
there’s a lot of lights inside. There’s also what looks like a piece of
plumbing inside, maybe my washroom runs through my computer, that would
explain the flushing sounds 😀

Later, Sugar.



Aight, I hacked apart the CS
130 library
. That’s right, I was looking at
Java byte code then converted it to Java Assembly and looked at that and
started converting it by hand to java source code files. Took me some
time but I two files now. I modified them to include debugging info, so
they’ll say making world now or whatever so you can see the internal
structure and variables. Sweet. Hope them 130’s use it and give me