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Tour de France

A Belgian win in Belgium!!! Happens all the time…Marc Wauters
(Rabobank) won the stage and captured the yellow jersey and one a one
million Belgian Francs diamond (USD $21000).

Stage Info: Calais (France) to Anvers (Belgium) 218.5 km.
Weather: 18 degrees at the start(1100), rose to a max of 21(1700) and at
the finish (2000) it was 20. A west south west wind at 10 to 20km/h.

The total time to ride was 4 hours 35 minutes and 47 seconds.

Notes: I forgot to mention but Moreau (winner of stage 0) got his
bouquet of flowers from his gf on the platform…just an interesting


ERIK ZABEL (Telekom) has done it again!!! wins his tenth stage (2 from this tour)
with yet another sprint win. He wins as he always wins: Appearing at the
front out of nowhere just seconds before the line. Stuart O’Grady(Credit
Agricole) has taken the yellow jersey.

Stage Info: Anvers to Seraing…all in Belgium. 198.5 km long,
with a maximum climb of 330m. 3 Grade climbs with 3 grade 5 climbs.
South west wind at 20 km/h in the morning, then it gusts up to 30/35 km/h
in the afternoon. Temperature was 18 at the start and rose to a max of 19
before falling back to 18.

The total time it took Zabel to complete this stage was 4 hours 34
minutes and 32 seconds. He currently holds the green jersey. The telekom
train was actually leading Jans Ullrich to his seventh win but Zabel took
it at the very end. Benoit Salmon (AG2R) holds the polka dot shirt
currently with strong performances on the current slopes. Florent Brard
holds onto the white jersey.

Race Notes: O’Grady, who is Australian, took yesterdays race very
hard since he thought he had the yellow jersey, but he took it today by
staying 12 seconds ahead of Wauters. A good day all around.

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Yes I’m very busy again, assignments and stuff due again, BUT, I will
update now. First of all, my ftp server is working very nicely, thanks to
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Ok, neat stuff, my computer was acting
up so I reinstalled everything last nite have our power outage. Things
were cool…it took me almost 6 reinstalls to get rid of the following
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Needless to say I worked hard on this “setback”. But never fear, the only
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and my dsl modem.

Fun stuff…oh and I have to power cycle my rubber
duckies. Oh yeah…posted a “joke” on Dan’s site here.

Le Tour

As some may know, I am a Tour de France fan (among other things
french…he he…), so here is an update.

Yesterday, July 7th (Saturday), was Stage 0, which basically is a time
trial. It’s really a race to see who can do a circut the fastest, no real
contact with other riders. The riders ride in reverse order of finishing
in last years tour. Anyways the yellow jersey (given to the current
overall leader) was given to a Frenchman Christophe Moreau who
started fourth last.

Stage 0 was 8.2 km long, in Dunkerque under the threat of rain with 30
to 35 km gusts of wind west south west. The temperature at the start of
the trials (1600) was 21 degrees Celius and had to dropped to 19 by 2000.
The wind actually abated towards the end of the run so the fastest just
got faster.

Other notes: Lance Armstrong (USPS) raced last and came in 3rd, Jan
Ullrich (Telekom) came in 4th. Notes about Jan: a racing
machine…amazing…he won The Tour in 1997 and he poses a strong
challenge to Lance. He came very close last year but Lance is a good
climber. Just prior to Le Tour, Lance destroyed all times in a race in
the Swiss mountains, perhaps the same will happen here. The first few
races here are across the open plains and the end is the same. But the
most gruelling section will be in Pyrenees and Alps.

Todays update…Stage 1: Saint-Omer to Boulogne-sur-Mer. 194.5 km, 15
degrees in the morning, 18 to 20 in the afternoon. 30 km/h winds at the
middle of the journey…40 afternoon and towards the end. Relatively
flat, two very minor climbs.

Won by Erik Zabel (gets green jersey, points leader), Moreau is still
the time leader and retains the yellow jersey, but Armstrong is not far
behind (4 seconds). Jacky Durand got the polka dot shirt (king of the
mountains, best in climbs so far) and Florent Brard hangs on to the white
jersey (highest points in the youth category).

This stage was interesting in the fact that two racers broke from the
peleton and were way ahead when they were stopped by a train (where they
signed autographs). All the other racers were then also stopped for the same time period and when
they restarted the two leaders had a 9 minute advantage. But the sprinters
caused the peleton to catch up and there was a mad rush at the end but
Zabel (Telekom) took the lead with just metres to go and proved once again
why he is the sprint champion.

Daniele Nardello (Mapei) fell and lost 12 minutes at a very early
stage and will most likely be hard pressed to make up for it, but cycling
is very much a team