Back and back


Wow, I’ve not written in a while…I’ve got his new computer see and I
have a lot of games see, and my goodness do they play nicely. So I’ve
been busy with that and I’ve been busy with work. Work was amazing, tons
o fun. I’m trying to get back into real random mode, I kinda put that on
a hold while I tried to do stuff…BUCK FUTTER…yes SNL is good.


Ok, now that’s an amazing game. We played it at work and I have it at
home…and it’s fun. Check out the reviews if you get the chance and buy
it if you want to play it since it is worth buying. I had a few ideas for
the game, since you can train your creature really well: make worlds
where each god starts out with a decent amount of power and they try to
race for the center, so you train your creatures to run fast and you try
to stop the other creatures, so you keep watch to make sure that other
creatures don’t make a break for it, and you BURN them…ha ha…Well I
gotta run and get back to designing stuff…back to school on twosday…

Oh yeah…

Last day of work all the folks at We-Create (
bought a cake that said: Tush, Da Man

I’ll post a picture of that soon..