Not mine!


Ok….I’m really angry about certain things….we have a policy in our labs that people should not eat and drink in here…a MFCF person came by just a few minutes and told us that he’d be back in 5 minutes and those that still had food and drink would have their accounts deleted. I’m good with that…I mean yesterday people totally messed up the labs and so MFCF has a right to get pissed at those people. What’s really bugging me is that people who had other peoples garbage sitting beside them got their account deleted. That’s not fair…it’s not our job to clean up after other people. That’s one point.
Another point is that just before the MFCF person came back a person in front of me who was eating food in the lab got up and left….the MFCF person came around suspended some accounts…and left. This is the part that’s pissing me off: After he left….the person who was eating in front off me came back into the lab and started eating…WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER? She’s making it so that other people are getting accounts suspended because off her. This is not a trivial matter as these accounts are our lifeline…we submit assignments using them…we find out what’s going on…we need these accounts to LIVE (literrally). So that’s why I’m pretty angry today….more at the person sitting in front off me than at anybody else.

So it starts…


So I finally decided to post something here….hmm…I’ve decided to start being evil again soon. Also I’ve been doing a lot of SL development. Oh yeah…if you’re with an sort of organisation that needs a hacker/cracker type or the international assasin type then please email me poste haste…he he he. Final exams are almost here so I’ll be unavailable to work on the site for a few days. Then Christmas break will be here…I’m thinking of redesigning my site…just not sure…lot of things are up in the air.
At this points I’d like to thank Liam and Catherine for providing me with weeks of entertainment with their “Monkey” business.